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Where to find Cyclone of Chaos in God of War Ragnarok!

God of War Ragnarok brings a lot of amazing attacks and runic abilities for Kratos to use in all kinds of confrontations across the nine worlds. These give Kratos’ weapons a massive boost and make them devastating against all kinds of enemies, including gods. One of them is the Cyclone of Chaos, a light runic attack of the famous Blades of Chaos. This rune attack deals massive damage to many enemies with its sweeping movement which is pivotal in certain situations. Here’s how to find the Cyclone of Chaos light rune attack in God of War Ragnarok.

How to find the Cyclone of Chaos light rune in God of War Ragnarok

The chest containing the Chaos Light Runic Hurricane Attack is located in Midgard, specifically in an attacker camp under the Temple of Tyre in Lake Nine. The site is marked as Raider’s stronghold on the map so it is easy to locate. Use your two wolves, Speki and Svanna to get there quickly and save time.

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The entrance to the Rider’s stronghold is through an opening on the side of the temple. As usual, the site is full of raiders so you’ll need to clear them.

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After driving out the raiders in the camp, you will notice that there is a small room on the right side. It would be hard to miss because it’s right next to the fireplace and opposite the entrance. Going there you will notice that the chest contains a light runic attack from the Cyclone of Chaos.

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Now, you just have to get close to the box and open it.

Hurricane Chaos is a circular attack that eliminates all enemies within its range. It has 1 damage and 2 shock damage with a cooldown time of 140 seconds.

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