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Finnish, Estonian PMs meet as countries’ bonds tighten amid changed world | News

According to the Finnish government, relations between the two countries have become “closer and broader than ever.”

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin (left) with Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas in Helsinki on Tuesday. Photo: Raul Mi / Letikova

Finland’s relationship with Estonia will further strengthen once Finland also becomes a member of NATO, according to the prime minister. Sana Marine (SDP).

Marin made the remarks at a joint press conference with the Estonian Prime Minister caja class On Tuesday afternoon, the leaders attended a seminar on cooperation between the two countries.

The seminar was held at the Real Estate House in Helsinki, and addressed the topics presented in a report on practical cooperation between Finland and Estonia. The report, published in March, included recommendations on developing cooperation on issues such as the economy, green transformation, digital cooperation, culture and education.

“We have historical experience of how Finns and Estonians helped each other in wartime, but plans for cooperation in a similar situation today could be much clearer,” Klass said.

Marin said Europe’s dependence on energy sources from Russia could be reduced by strengthening joint energy networks in the region.

More than just neighbors

Marin and Kallas also held a bilateral meeting on Tuesday, which covered topics including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – as well as their joint support for Ukraine, the security situation, Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO membership, energy, the economy and EU affairs.

The report noted that Finland and Estonia are more than just neighbors – their languages ​​and culture help connect the two countries.

Finnish Foreign Minister Becca Havesto (Green) and his Estonian counterpart, Urmas RenslooThe statement added that a meeting is also scheduled to discuss topics including bilateral relations and the European security situation.

The ceremony was also attended by various ministers from both countries.

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