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German man attempts to cross Finland-Russia border without travel documents | News

Border guards ordered the man back to Finland after he crossed into Russia.

The border crossing point in Niigama, where the German man first attempted to cross into Russia without a passport. Photo: Kale Borhonen/YL

A German man on a bicycle attempted to cross the border into Russia from southeastern Finland several times on Monday.

First, at the Nigama crossing point, he was informed that he could not enter Russia without a valid passport or a Russian visa.

The man then left his bike about two kilometers away and walked through the woods to the Finnish-Russian border.

A patrol of border guards in southeastern Finland found the man near the crossing point on the Russian side of the border after he had gone to the scene of the accident. The patrol managed to return the man to the Finnish side.

Then the man was detained on suspicion of a border crime, and he was charged with a border crime in the South Karelia District Court. According to the Finnish border guard, the situation has been discussed with the Russian border authorities in the Vyborg region.

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