November temperature record broken at several stations in Uusimaa | News

On Saturday, 25 temperatures were recorded for the station, mostly in Uusimaa.

Uusimaa experienced some of the highest temperatures in late November on record. Photo: Saara Hirvonen

Saturday’s temperatures were among the warmest the country had seen in late fall.

About 25 weather stations saw higher temperatures than ever on Saturday, with exceptionally warm weather dominating Finland.

The highest temperature ever recorded on Saturday was in Öland, where the Gomalbe meteorological station in Jomala recorded a high of 15.1 degrees, but that was not a record for that recording station.

Jomala set an all-time record for the highest temperature recorded in November in Finland, when mercury on November 6, 2020 rose to 16.6 degrees.

The temperature records for the Saturday station for the month of November in Uusimaa were: 14.4 degrees in Tavarmini village in Hanko, 14.3 degrees in Tapiola, Espoo, 14.1 degrees at Helsinki Malmi Airport, 14.3 degrees in Kisaniemi in Helsinki, 13.7 degrees in Vantaa in Helsinki – Airport Vantaa, 13.7 degrees in Maasoja in Vihti, and 13.3 degrees in Lohja.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), temperatures on Saturday were similar to those typically seen in late September.

FMI noted that 25 temperature records for the month of November were recorded at weather monitoring stations on Saturday. A large proportion of the stations have a measurement history that goes back at least to the 1960s.

After a weekend with gale-force winds and high temperatures, temperatures on Monday began dropping close to seasonal averages.


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