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Sanna Marin: Disputed Sámi Parliament law goes to parliament on Thursday | News

The Center Party has repeatedly blocked the new law.

Photo: Becca Tynill/YL

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP) said the government-proposed Sami Parliament Bill will be tabled in parliament on Thursday.

The Center Party, a member of the ruling coalition, opposes the proposal, but Marin says it calls for time for stalling tactics.

“The intention is to hold a meeting of ministers to deal with the issue this week and send the proposal to parliament,” Marin said.

Speaking at a news conference ostensibly focused on Finnish-Estonian relations on Tuesday, Marin dismissed the idea of ​​seeking party consensus on the law.

“Multi-party work has already been done with regard to the current Sami Parliament Act,” Marin said. “The High Parliament has also been involved. This is a complex and convoluted package that has been considered without success during many different periods of government.”

The Center Party ministers had twice postponed the law. Center MPs will have a free vote on the law, and many are expected to oppose it.

The legislation would change the way voter register is compiled for Sami Parliament elections, disqualifying those who only claim Sami heritage with ancestral tax history as a “Laplander”.

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