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Finnair’s profitability plan threatens 450 cabin crew jobs | News

The airline said agreements had been reached with some groups of employees, but not with cabin crew in Finland.

Toby Manner, CEO, Finnair. file image. Photo: Esa Syväkuru/Yle

Finnair, the national flag carrier of Finland, announced on Wednesday that it plans to subcontract service personnel on board its flights in Thailand and the United States in a bid to save costs.

She added that if implemented, the plan could lead to the abolition of up to 450 jobs in the field of services on board the aircraft, adding that subcontracting efforts could be achieved by the end of 2023.

Finnair said it had incurred significant losses due to the Covid crisis, adding that the closure of Russian airspace had greatly affected the company’s ability to turn a profit.

The airline said it initially tried to find cost-saving measures with its staff.

“For cabin crew, Finnair has proposed changes for example in crew utilization efficiency, hotel layover rules, hourly extra pay rules for long-haul flights, as the closure of Russian airspace has made flight times to Asia considerably longer,” it read. in the company statement. .

The airline said agreements had been reached with some groups of employees, but not with cabin crew in Finland.

“In this case, Finnair should seek savings through alternative procedures,” the airline said.

At the end of September, Finnair launched redundancy talks aimed at cutting up to 200 jobs, affecting about 770 employees in executive, management and expert roles.

Finnair employs around 1,750 cabin crew members in Finland. Meanwhile, cabin staff on its Singapore, Hong Kong and India routes, as well as routes from Doha to Stockholm and Copenhagen, are already being handled by airline partners, according to the company.

CEO of the airline, Toby MannerHe said the company continues to “find a savings solution with our cabin crew.”

“Now we need real will from the negotiators to find solutions that will allow us to continue to serve on board with our own crew, avoiding redundancies. Discussion about alternative solutions is a very important part of the change negotiation process,” Manner said in a statement.

The company’s negotiations with employees are scheduled to begin next Wednesday, November 23, and are expected to last at least three weeks.

The airline said a social support program to help those who might end up losing their jobs would be discussed during the negotiations.

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