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Source of Poland explosion needs to be found, Finnish foreign minister says | News

“It is important to know whether it was an accident or something deliberate. We will examine it first and then we will take diplomatic measures,” Haavisto said.

Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (Green) Wednesday morning. Photo: Vesa Moilanen/Lehtikuva

Finland’s foreign minister said it was important to get a clear understanding of the source of the explosion in Poland on Tuesday night before making any hasty decisions. Becca Haavisto (Green color).

The minister made the remarks at a press conference on Wednesday, the morning after an apparent missile attack killed two people in Poland, near the Ukrainian border.

“It is important to know whether it was an accident or something deliberate. We will examine it first and then we will take diplomatic measures,” Haavisto said.

Russia fired about 100 missiles at Ukrainian cities on Tuesday. Some—including Polish officials—suggested at first that the missile strike came from Russia.

However, the source of the missile remained unclear on Wednesday morning. Reuters quoted the US president Joe Biden Which indicates that the missile may not have been launched from Russia.

Later on Wednesday morning, Reuters quoted a NATO source as saying that Biden told NATO members that the explosion in Poland was caused by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile.

“The most important note from yesterday is the deaths reported in Poland. But Russia’s attacks on Ukraine are just as tragic. Yesterday, Russia directed more than 100 [missile strikes] In Ukraine, where most of it was aimed at energy infrastructure. It is very dangerous. “Attacks targeting civilians are war crimes,” Haavisto said.

Finland is participating as an observer in the NATO meeting on Wednesday morning, as the country’s membership in the alliance is still suspended. The group will determine the next steps to take.

It is thought most likely that Poland will invoke NATO’s Article 4, which is done when a member state feels threatened by another country or terrorist group, but Haavisto said an invocation of Article 5 is also possible.

Invoking Article 4 could lead to joint action by all NATO countries, while Article 5 is more serious and if used it means that the countries agree that an armed attack against one or more member states should be considered an attack against the whole. alliance.

“In extreme cases, it would be possible to apply Article 5,” Haavisto said.

After the missile strike, Poland raised its level of military readiness. Haavisto said the issue of Finland’s security was being assessed separately.

“Finland will decide separately if the situation warrants some measures of military readiness,” Haavisto said.

The Finnish President’s reaction to the news of the explosion late on Tuesday evening Sully Niinisto “Finland is following the situation closely,” he wrote on Twitter. Prime Minister Sana Marin The SDP also took to Twitter, saying: “We stand with Poland and we will respond when the picture becomes clear. Together. United.”

Edited at 12:13, to add Reuters reporting on President Biden’s assessment of the situation, and to clarify Poland’s initial reaction to the incident.

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