Wednesday’s papers: Finland watches Poland blast aftermath | News

The explosion in a Polish village near the Ukrainian border is dominating Finnish headlines.

In the aftermath of an explosion that kills two people in the village of Przewodow in eastern Poland near the border with Ukraine, on November 15, 2022. Photo: Reuters

An explosion that killed two people in a Polish village near the border with Ukraine grabbed Finnish headlines on Wednesday morning.

Tula micaDirector of the Finnish Institute of Foreign Affairs (FIIA), explained to Helsingin Sanomat (ceret toysin with phylon) Poland will not ignore the explosion on its soil.

He told HS that the reaction of Poland and NATO would depend on whether the missiles that hit the village were an accident or a deliberate provocation by Russia.

“Russian and Polish relations are very bad and this kind of incident can have consequences,” Altola said.

next (ceret toysin with phylon) Meanwhile, an international news agency reported that the missiles that hit Poland may not have been launched from Russia. The source of the missile remained unclear on Wednesday morning, and Reuters quoted the US president Joe Biden Which indicates that the device may not have been launched from Russia.

while, Becca TovryHS, the former head of the Finnish Defense Command’s Intelligence Division, told HS that Russia had no motive for expanding the war, given its recent lack of success in Ukraine.

“It’s hard to believe that Russia would start firing at a superior country in NATO,” he said, noting that the strike was a technical error.

Swedish lieutenant colonel Joachim Pasikivi Tell Hofudstadsbladet (ceret toysin with phylon) That NATO’s reaction to the explosion was now in question, as the missiles landed in the territory of a member state.

Paasikivi, whose great-grandfather was the Finnish president JK Paasikiviexplained.

I also (ceret toysin with phylon) Talk to a military expert Elmarie Kihko Who said that the growing criticism of Russia can force Russian President Vladimir Putin To escalate the war in Ukraine.

Kehko said he did not think the war in Ukraine would end anytime soon, noting that both sides currently lack the will to make concessions.

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