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Where to find Phanpy in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet!

Phanpy is a cute yet powerful Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It may look small and cute, but don’t let it fool you, because it could easily crush your arm if it were placed between its chest, which gives an idea of ​​just how powerful this Pokemon can be. Finding and catching a Phanpy can be difficult and can only be possible if you have some powerful Pokémons. Phanpy is strong against Electric-type Pokémons, which makes it a great Pokémon. You can find Phanpy in quite a few locations, and other than those, you won’t find it anywhere in the world.

How to catch Phanpy in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

To catch Phapy, you first need to find him by going to his home locations. There are only two main sites where you can find Phanpy; West and southwest of the center of Palia. Although this is one of the starting locations, you still need to get to the city of Cortondo. A wonderful place full of fanatics is the hills and roads north of the city of Cortondo. On your way, you will come across many fannybees; If not, keep moving forward while looking at the grass. Usually, you will find them easily, but sometimes, it may take a while before you spot them.

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When you spot Phanpy, get close to him or throw a Pokeball to start the battle. Before you get into battle with Phanpy, you should get a cool Pokeball because Phanpy is hard to catch with normal Pokeball. Once your fight starts, try to damage it as much as possible and throw your awesome Pokeball to catch it. If he escapes, try lowering his stats without letting him faint and try picking him up again, as you will likely succeed. If not, just keep repeating the process, and you’ll catch Phanpy after a few tries.

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