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How to smash traffic cones in Forza Horizon 5!

As we covered extensively in our coverage of Forza Horizon 5, Mexico is full of things to destroy. It may sound harsh to some, but destroying many objects and situations in Mexico results in getting skill points and completing challenges. Some of these objects are solar panels, phone booths, and now, flower booths. One of those things is the traffic cones, which is pretty fitting given the nature of the FH5. So, how do you destroy traffic cones in Forza Horizon 5? lets take alook.

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How to break traffic cones in Forza Horizon 5

To smash traffic cones, Forza players must either look around the landscape while driving, or find a race in the EventLab that allows players to destroy these targets. Preferably go with the latter. Alternatively, users can create their own sprint in the EventLab, but just finding an event that has already run will be faster.

To go to EventLab, enter the pause menu. From here, go to Creative Lab -> EventLab -> Event Blueprints.

Users can either search for “traffic cones” in the search bar or take a look at the “Trending Today” tab to search for piñata races. Finding one shouldn’t be much of a problem. However, if you’re having difficulties, the share code that should get the job done is 557494602.

Keep in mind that depending on how many cones are crushed and how those numbers are tracked by the game, you may need to go through the course several times. If you do, make sure you keep track of how many people get crushed on your weekly playlist if this is for a daily or weekly challenge.

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