Ryu, Cammy, and Akuma enter the Blunderdome as skins in Fall Guys today!

Bring the fight to the Blunderdome with new Street Fighter skins hitting the store. Three skins of Ryu, Cammy, and Akuma are hitting the Fall Guys Store today, letting you bring the classic Street Fighter experience into your games. Run and jump as some of the most iconic characters in video game history.

News of the skins’ release popped up on Twitter, with Fall Guys posting the news with the three skins together in a photo.

These skins won’t give you any advantages, but you can look the part before a match at the Blunderdome. The costumes match the classic appearances of Ryu, Cammy, and Akuma, rather than the later versions.

It’s possible to completely dress your character in any of the three character skins, but you can also mix and match designs as you like. A player on Twitter asked to combine the bottom half of Ryu’s outfit with the top half of Akuma’s outfit, and Fall Guys confirmed that this would be possible.

You can also use unique modes exclusive to skins, such as Ryu’s classic Hadouken move as an emote. The classic player selection screen will also be accessed, allowing you to select your character as if you were playing classic Street Fighter games back in the day. These will be available to all three characters, and will appear as “PLAYER SELECT” when purchased in the store (eg PLAYER SELECT Cammy).

While this skin won’t make you a better player in Fall Guys (or result in anyone getting hurt by a Hadouken), Street Fighter fans will be more than happy to use some of their favorite skins in a match. Other Street Fighter character skins (such as Chun-Li) are not included, although they may arrive in the future. For now, you can have your choice of Akuma, Cammy, or Ryu, and bring a little bit of video game history to Fall Guys.


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