The 10 best Minecraft Cave world seeds!

Minecraft Caves used to be a single biome, but has since been divided between two distinct cave systems – Lush and Dripstone. They each have a unique look and feel, which, as always, rewards exploration and offers different challenges and rewards. When you want to do caving, spawning on the surface of the Overworld doesn’t give you a very good idea of ​​what kinds of cave systems you have in your world, which can ruin your run before it even starts. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the ten best cave seeds, five for Bedrock and five for the Java versions of Minecraft.

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Top five cave world seeds for Bedrock Minecraft

Seed 1241649616

Image via Chunkbase

This seed offers plenty of spelunking opportunities, especially since the spawn point is located practically at the mouth of the cave, allowing you to spelunk on the spot. There is a good variety of Lush and Dripstone Caves, surrounded by both ocean and lava.

Seed -1597699456

Image via Chunkbase

The cave systems of this seed spread out in a vast network of interconnected caverns scattered around the world. Interestingly, the developers presented this seed as a demo of the Lush Cave bio, so expect to find plenty of it on this map.

Seed 8430682449981033048

Image via Chunkbase

Deep within this forested realm, endless Dripstone Caves are dotted with a few lush pockets. This is a very interesting seed if you’re looking for rich cave-based gameplay, and there’s also easy access to the Zombie Spawner for even more late-game fun.

Seeds -645644363236967887

Image via Chunkbase

If you are looking for real slopes and climbing experience then this is a great seed for you. There are tall, forest-covered mountains on the surface, with deep, sprawling caverns below, made up of treacherous cliffs and crevasses. A true explorer’s dream.

Seed -4909791828733745509

Image via Chunkbase

Do you love caves, but also love water? Well, this is the perfect seed, filled with waterways, streams, and subterranean caverns. For added danger, dripstone stalactites threaten your progress, but there’s also plenty of open space to build a base in.

Top five cave world seeds for Java Minecraft

Seed 2503991446119185525

Image via Chunkbase

Glaciers, rivers, and tall birch forests dominate the surface, but there’s also a sprawling cave system beneath it all. This seed is excellent if you like to split your time between exploration and building both underground and above ground.

Seed -3212841254549877385

Image via Chunkbase

This seed has an interesting feature for exploring underground. On the surface, it looks just like the classic Minecraft world. Below, however, is a series of lower and lower Dripstone caverns, all of which lead down into the Deep Dark.

Seed 4981516925953961499

Image via Chunkbase

For the more challenge-minded players, this seed provides an extensive cave system located beneath the frigid oceans of the surface world. The caverns in this seed provide extensive plateaus to build on, which feature ubiquitous mob spawn sites.

Seed -992714597311471801

Image via Chunkbase

This is a popular seed known for its shallow adventures that mimic the now defunct Farlands setting. But the lesser-known fact about this seed is that there are plenty of lush cave systems underneath, complete with all sorts of adventure and dungeon content.

Seed 1733739539271494892

Image via Chunkbase

For a change of scenery, this seed provides many gigantic cave complexes located under the deserts of this world. This paints the walls of the cave a warm sandy yellow, providing a very unique building opportunity, especially if you want to recreate ancient Egyptian tombs and pyramids.


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