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Discord’s new font change is a literal headache for those with astigmatism and dyslexia!

For many gamers, Discord has become the default app for voice and video chatting. It will even be integrated into PlayStation consoles in the future. She’s super popular, which is why her latest update is so baffling. Changing the font causes a lot of stress for certain groups of users.

Reddit user ThatSirWaffles uploaded A good comparison shot For anyone who wants to analyze changes. The new font is called GG Sans, and is a more curvier typesetting than its predecessor, Whitney. Most people will notice a difference when they start Discord, but for those with astigmatism or dyslexia (this writer has the first), the difference makes everything more difficult to read. These letter shapes make it more likely to run together for readers with these conditions. This can easily cause them headaches.

Fellow Redditor Inguz666 Share their experience With GG Sans. “A thinner, more detailed font makes the letters overlap each other,” they said. It’s a common issue. LeahIsUltraGay, a dyslexic Reddit user, Echo the same sentiments, saying “The new font is hard to read.” The font change has proven to be a hurdle bypassing users with astigmatism and dyslexia as well. User brawaru pointed out that the new font Cyrillic characters are not supportedso their messages appear in a jumbled mess of font shapes and sizes.

So, what can be done about this issue? On Discord’s side, choosing a new font or switching back to Whitney could fix the issue. Reddit user DjuncleMC Submit the proposal Discord can let users choose their font. This is easier said than done of course, but it would also be a workaround. In the meantime, anyone who has issues with the new GG Sans font can let the Discord team know through Notes form A11Y.

While Discord is widely used on PC, it is also available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. If you are interested in using the app yourself, we can show you how to invite friends to your server.

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