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A Destiny 2 Season 19 trailer drops two hours before going live, and the static image confirms a Rasputin-focused storyline!

Destiny 2 fans have been eagerly awaiting any news from Bungie about the Witchqueen expansion’s final season. We’re less than a day away from a server crash and we’re back to find Destiny 2 Season 19, but we still don’t have specifics. However, Bungie does have a teaser trailer being released two hours before the live event. The still image seems to confirm that this season will focus on Rasputin, which many fans were guessing from the many subtle hints Bungie has made.

Any player who wants to wait to catch the trailer can immediately head over to the Bungie channel and watch the end credits scene played out in Season of Plunder. It lasts for two minutes. However, after reaching the end of this scene, there is a still of Osiris, who has recovered from his time after being captured by Savathon, and Anastasia Bray, standing around a glowing orange object, likely confirming Rasputin’s involvement and will be the primary focus of season 19.

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We don’t have specific information, but all the hints Bungie has been giving over the past few weeks point in this direction. For example, we’ve received patch notes on how the Seraph Rounds will have more weapons appearing throughout Season 19. However, before the trailer dropped, there’s no specific information on what players will be doing throughout the season or what the new Destiny 2 grind will look like for players.

Some leakers shared that Season 19 will be called Season of Tyranny, but that hasn’t been confirmed, and we have to take this information with a grain of salt. Plus, they also shared that with Rasputin being the focus for the season, it will be a matter of building EXO a suit for them to use, giving them a chance to become a more prominent character moving forward. Again, we can’t confirm this, but the lack of marketing by Bungie wasn’t much of a help.

Prior to Season 19, players had heated discussions about Bungie’s approach to the arrival of a new season. The latter is a good example where players have no idea what to expect, and everything seems to drop hours before the servers return in Destiny 2 so players can play for themselves. It’s such a strange marketing technique that many gamers would like to know more information before this happens.

The final season for Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion begins tomorrow at 12 PM ET. The trailer for Season 19 drops two hours before that. Be sure to check back to see what happens before we make our way to Destiny 2’s next expansion, Lightfall, on February 28, 2023.

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