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All new Overwatch 2 heroes!

Overwatch heroes are the heart and soul of the experience. In the story, their relationships help build the world around them, while the gameplay focuses on how to vary the unique abilities of each character of the pack. It’s always exciting to reveal a new hero.

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All new heroes make their first appearance in Overwatch 2

Junker Coin

Image via Activision Blizzard

Junker Queen is the leader of Junkertown, the Australian settlement that was the former home of Junkrat and Roadhog. As a child, she was a barren, outcast who had to fight to survive in the harsh hinterland until she challenged the King of Junkertown to a brawl and won. It is a command tank that can throw its knife and retrieve it back at it. Anyone you cut with Knife, Ax, or Ultimate, will have a bleeding effect that slowly heals them. Ultimate Rampage also temporarily prevents enemies from recovering.


Image via Blizzard

Kiriko is the protector of Kanizaka and the daughter of the woman who gave Hanzo and Ginji ninja training in their childhood. Kiriko was part of this training and combined it with Kitsune’s fox miraculous teachings given to her by her grandmother. She’s a lethal force when she lands headshots with her kunai, and her Ultimate, Kitsune Rush, is one of the best in the game, helping her teammates overwhelm their opponents. She can also teleport to allies and remove negative status effects on them.


Image via Blizzard

Ramatra is the leader of the Null Sector, a group of Omnics that attack regions of the world in their fight for a better life. They team up with Talon to perform these terrorist events and begin the second Omnic Crisis. Specifically, Ramatra was a monk from Chimbali on Zenyatta’s side and the two viewed each other as brothers. He has two forms that he can switch between and his Ultimate allows him to absorb the life of any nearby enemies. He can also drag enemies flying on the ground if they are close enough.


Image via Activision Blizzard

Sojourn is a former Overwatch commander who spoke out against the group in the appearance of the Petras Act which halted the operation. It is greatly improved electronically with reinforced legs that make it glide on the ground and jump high in the air. Its railgun charges as it shoots enemies and can be a devastating finishing move. Ultimate, Overclock, makes her railgun constantly regenerate rapidly as it fires shots.

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