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What to do with Ancient Roots in Valheim!

As you explore Valheim, there are a lot of unique locations and resources that you can encounter on your travels. It can be hard to tell if you make your way to the Mistlands, but one of the most obvious things you’ll come across in this area are the ancient roots. These are the huge glowing roots attached to the Yggdrasil tree, and they have a hidden power in them that you can unlock, but you need to do a few things first. Here’s what you need to know about what to do with old roots in Valheim.

How do old roots work in valheim

It all comes down to creating a Sap Collector with Dvergr Extractor. It’s an incredibly sharp tool that you can place on these ancient roots and harvest their energy. They will give you Eitr, which is how you craft various magical items and resources if you plan to become a wizard in Valheim. The resources you need to build a Sap Extractor will take you a bit to collect, but once you have them, Sap Collector is a staple.

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One of the main ingredients will be Yggdrasil Wood, and you will need 10. You can harvest it from any Yggdrasil buds that you find in the Mistlands. You’ll need a Blackmetal Ax to chop down these trees, but if you’ve ever poked your head into the Midlands biome, you likely already had one and chopped down these trees. The second item you need to use is Blackmetal, these are the bars you found on the plains. Again, you probably already have a lot of them.

The final resource for creating a Sap Extractor will be Dvergr Extractor. You can find this sharp, pointed item at Dvergr outposts. You will need to steal from the large chest at the top of their site, which will usually piss them off if you do. You’ll want to be careful if you steal the resource and try to use it to extract from the roots.

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Once you have all of these items, place a workbench down where you want to set the Sap Extractor. The only way to create this item with a hammer is if you are within range of a workbench.

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