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Where to find Tropius in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet!

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet offer a large number of Pokémon for players to find and capture, including Tropius, a grass/flying-inspired type that can be found very early in the game. To help you find these Pokémon to assemble your team or aid in your quest to fill your Pokédex, our guide will give you the details on where to find Tropius, and give you some tips on how to catch them.

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How to catch Tropius in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Tropius is found in a relatively large area in the northwest region of the Paldea region and is a very common sighting, which makes this Pokémon easier to find compared to others. You’ll find Tropius in Lake Cassereroya, mainly around the bottom of the lake in the fields areas, or western county (region two) where you’ll usually find them roaming near trees and patches of grass. It should be easy to spot due to its larger size than most Pokemon and large leafy wings.

In our case, we found Tropius near levels 26-28 in the western region (the second region), so you’ll likely be a bit more in the game by the time you find them. It’s also not much rarer, which means you’ll likely see it often and won’t have a problem finding it.

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If you’re aiming to catch this tropical Pokemon, you’ll need to use a Pokemon of the same level, and use the Fire, Flight, Ice, Poison, and Rock moves because they are very effective against Tropius. To mitigate damage, you should use Pokémon with Insect, Dragon, Electric, Fire, Fly, Grass, Poison, Rock, and Steel types because these types can be resistant to Tropius’ Grass and Flying moves.

Like other Pokémon in the games, Tropius also drops Tropius leaf material, which is required in order to craft certain TM’s, items that allow Pokémon to learn certain moves, such as TM155 Frenzy Plant, TM159 Leaf Storm, and TM168 Solar Beam.

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