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Sapthami Gowda Biography

Sapthami Gowda was born on 8 June 1996, in Bangalore, Karnataka, into a Kannada speaking family. Saptami Gowda will be 26 years old in 2022. Umesh S.K. Dodi, Assistant Commissioner of Police, and Shantha Mediya are her parents. She has one younger sister. She went to school in Bangalore at Baldwin Girls High School and college at Komarans Po College. I went to Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT) to study civil engineering.

Sapthami Gowda will make her big screen debut in Popcorn Monkey Tiger by Dunya Suri. Dhanajaya, Niveditha Jags and Amrutha Iyengar also play important roles in the film. Because her father knows the director, Donia Souri, she was able to act in this film.

She told The Indian Express in an interview how happy her family was with her first film. “My parents and my sister are very happy with my new job,” she said. Now, it is up to me to decide how to proceed.

saptami quality
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Other names saptami
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date of Birth 08 June 1996
place of birth Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
residence Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
age 26 years old
to rise 1.67 m (5 6)

Sapthami Gowda is in talks to be in Abhishek Ambaresh’s Kaali

All eyes are on Sapthami Gowda, who played Popcorn Monkey Tiger in Popcorn Monkey Tiger. Since Kantara, which became a hit, has become one of the most sought-after actors in the state. Saptami won Leela’s hearts in the Rishab Shetty directed movie in which he played the lead role.

Rishab takes a short break in Dubai, while Saptami and her mother go to temples in Mangaluru. There is a lot of talk about her upcoming movie, and reports say that filmmakers from different languages ​​are interested in her. However, the latest news is that she will be in the upcoming film Kaali by Gajakesari and director Pailwaan S Krishna. Abhishek Ambaresh will play the lead role in the film.

Callie is a romantic drama set in the 1990s during the Cauvery riots. The film is produced by RRR Motion Pictures. The director was very picky about who would star. He wanted to find a good actress. He thinks Sapthami Gowda is perfect in every way and it is likely that the director is considering casting her in the role.

A reliable source says that the director and the actor met a few days ago to talk about the project for the first time, and Saptami showed interest in it. But the deal has not been finalized yet.

When asked about her upcoming projects, Saptami said she has been asked to do a number of things in different languages, including Hindi. But now she is more interested in Kannada films. “I’m talking to a few directors right now, and Krishna Kali is definitely one of the projects. But it’s still in the early stages of talking about it. The first line is interesting, but we need to talk about it more before we decide,” she says.

Abhishek is almost finished portraying Bad Manners in Suri. The film, in which the actor plays a cop, is scheduled for release in February.

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Actress Saptami Gouda

Saptami Gowda is a Kannada Film Actress and Swimmer from India. She was born on 8th of June 1996 in Bangalore, Karnataka State, India.

Saptami is a good swimmer who has won competitions at the state and national level. Saptami won the gold medal in the Indian Triathlon Federation in 2010, which was held in Delhi. Utari Gowda, Saptami’s sister, can also swim.

Saptami went to Baldwin Girls’ High School in Bangalore and then went to Sri Kumaran Junior Composite College for Children.

Then Saptami went to the Bangalore Institute of Technology in Bangalore to study civil engineering. Sapthami got a job as a software worker at Accenture in Bangalore after she finished her studies.

Sapthami’s acting career in the Kannada film industry started in the year 2019 with the movie ‘Popcorn Monkey Tiger’. Then Saptami took part in the successful film “Kantara”.

saptami quality
saptami quality

Some things you may not know about Sapthami Gowda

  • Saptami Gowda is an Indian civil engineer and actress. In the Kannada movie Kantara, released in 2022, she played the role of Leela.
  • Sapthami Gowda worked as an Associate Software Engineer at Accenture in Bengaluru, India, before entering the entertainment business.
  • In the Kannada movie Popcorn Monkey Tiger, released in 2019, she played the role of Girija for the first time.
    After that, in 2022, she participated in the movie Al-Qantara, which was directed by Rishab Shetty. Kantara, starring Sapthami Gowda and coming out in 2022, was one of the most successful Kannada films of that year. Saptami spoke to the media about how successful the Kannada movie was and said,
  • A media source said that Saptami Gouda offered her a role in a Kannada movie titled “Oh Ram”, but she turned it down. She also said in an interview with the press that her role in the movie “Ya Ram” was similar to the role she presented in her first movie, so she turned it down. she said that,
  • Sapthami Gowda is an actress, but she also swims. Sapthami Gowda started swimming at a young age and has won many swimming competitions at the state and national level. In 2010, she won a gold medal in the Triathlon Federation of India in Indore.

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Saptami takes lessons in Tolunadu culture

In July 2021, Rishab called me to tell me about his upcoming film and asked if I was interested in it. Shortly after that, I had to do a look test because the character I played was from Tolunadu and spoke a different language,” she said.

“Although I was born in Canadega, I didn’t know about the unique culture and traditions of Tolonado. Therefore, a workshop was set up so that I could learn the little things I needed to know to play a good night.”

Saptami spent months observing everyone, speaking with them in the new language she was beginning to learn.

“However, no one ever told me if I was going to play Leela. But on the day of the Moharat, when reporters asked about my role, Rishab finally told me. “I was surprised and shocked too,” she said jokingly.

Apart from a lot of theater artists, Achyuta Kumar, Kishore and Pramod Shetty also play lead roles in Kantara.

“It was great to learn about the culture and traditions of the coastal region, and I also got to work with a lot of experienced actors.” It was even more exciting to see how easily actors who work a lot in theaters can do their jobs. “They can instantly make any scene look so much better,” she said.

“Because Rishabh Shetty believed in me, I was able to do Leela’s part justice. The audience’s love for the lead characters, Shiva and Leela, was more than I could have asked for,” Saptami said.

saptami quality
saptami quality

Tolo Alqantara version soon

Unlike many other pan-India projects, Kantara was first produced in Kannada and then released with subtitles in Karnataka and other states as well as abroad.

But the movie was also dubbed into Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil because critics and moviegoers all over India loved it so much and people heard about it through word of mouth.

As the people of Tulunadu region want it more, the people who made it soon decided to call it Tulu.

The team was sure people would like their honest work, but they had no idea it would be such a hit.

“Right now, I’m having a great time interacting with and getting to know the Kantara audience. I’m amazed at how well received we are as a group,” the actor said.

Saptami said that when she needs advice about what to do next as an actress, she talks to her close friends. “I don’t want to make quick decisions, but well-thought-out ones.”

“At the moment, I’m busy promoting Kantara, so I eat a lot of sweets,” she said goodbye.

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