The best Hide and Seek hiding places on the Skeld map in Among Us!

When you try out Hide and Seek in Among Us, you’ll probably first experience the new mode on The Skeld, which is often seen as the main map among Among Us. Although this classic location is essential to the main mode, Hide and Seek for Crewmates is really difficult to play because the layout is so simple. While you don’t need to stay in one place the entire time you’re hiding, finding a good place to sit can benefit you when you’re not completing tasks. Here are the recommended hiding spots in The Skeld in Among Us Hide and Seek.

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Where should you hide in The Skeld in Among Us

As mentioned earlier, Skeld does not have many great hiding places compared to other maps in Among Us. It is much smaller and makes it easier for the impersonator to navigate quickly. There are many locations on the map that can be traps for crewmates. With this in mind, a lot of the hiding places we like to stay in are close to vents.

Starting in the cafeteria, we like to sit in the lower left or right corner of the room. This is a place that not many people think to look. Instead, they likely run through the middle or near the top of the room.

Screenshot from Gamepur

In the reactor room, you can position yourself near the vent at the bottom of the room for a hard to see and easy access escape route.

Screenshot from Gamepur

Electricity is well known to be a dangerous room for crew, and it’s still the same here. We highly recommend standing directly above the hatch so you can quickly escape to Medical Bay when the Impostor comes.

Screenshot from Gamepur

On the go, you can position yourself on top of the vent in the lower part of the room. If the impersonator makes his way here, he’ll likely see you, so be quick to jump in.

Screenshot from Gamepur

Outside of the above points, you could probably use the large pile of junk in storage as a way to get around the impostor, but this would be a little tricky. No matter where you go in The Skeld, there really aren’t many great hiding places. Just stay alert and have an exit plan wherever you are.


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