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Who was the intense flute guy from The Game Awards? Answered!

From unexpected winners to exciting announcements, the Game Awards have brought us a lot of memorable moments. However, one character in particular stood out during this year’s video game celebration. The flutist who took part during the main orchestra performance of the event gave an electric performance that made him stand out from the rest of the talented musicians. Because of this, viewers everywhere have been asking the same question: “Who was the strong flute man at the Game Awards?” Here’s what we know.

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Who was the strong man of the flute at the Game Awards?

Screenshot via The Game Awards YouTube

He was only a man of extreme flute Pedro Eustache, Synthesis Wind Extraordinary. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Eustache is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist who specializes in brass and woodwinds, and has also toured with another musical genius in Hans Zimmer.

As is usual with The Game Awards, the orchestra usually plays songs from the soundtracks of the five participating Game of the Year nominees. The action kicked off strong with the orchestra’s performance of Aloy’s theme from Horizon Forbidden West.

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The mix was followed by a song from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 titled The Weight of Life, The Time the Magic Happened. A few seconds into the second song, Eustache begins playing his flute with such fervor that the sound reverberates from every viewer’s screen and the melody spreads through everyone’s hearts.

Although the rest of the song’s interpretations were amazing in their own right, it’s too late as the show has already been stolen by Eustache stealing performances of his flute solo. While Xenoblade Chronicles 3 may not have won Game of the Year, its soundtrack definitely won our hearts and it’s all thanks to the amazing talent, Pedro Eustache.

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