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Gaming Gift Guide: The best gaming stocking stuffers under $25!

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about stocking stuffers for your loved ones. If they are gamers, this guide is sure to catch your eye. This list includes toy stocking stuffers that are cute, funny, inexpensive, and the perfect last minute gifts for holiday procrastinators. All of the following gifts won’t break the bank either, as they’re all under $25 each.

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Best stocking stuffer for gamers

Blue light blocking glasses

Image via Amazon

Blue light blocking glasses are a thoughtful gift, meant to protect your eyes from excess exposure to blue light caused by staring at screens for hours on end. They are designed to relieve common symptoms, including sore or dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. Show your love by placing a pair of these in your loved one’s stocking.

Ceramic Pokéball mug

Image via Amazon

If the gamer in your life collects mugs, or really loves Pokemon, this is an excellent option for them. A cup like this is a cute way to tell them they need to drink more water during their game shift. Ceramic mugs are easier to clean, and a smaller 12-ounce mug like this one can keep drinks at the temperature you want for longer. Eevee is not included.

Controller and keyboard cleaner

Image via Amazon

With how much we touch our consoles and keyboards, it’s no surprise that they’ve become disgusting over time. Trust us, you don’t want to look too closely. While you can scrub them and clean the surface quite easily, dust builds up in many of the crevices of these devices. This gel is used to get the dust out of there.

decision currency

Image via Amazon

This is a slightly odd recommendation, but the gift recipient will never see it coming. One of the worst fights we face every day is when we call it quits the night or go on. Instead of leaving it to yourself and staying up all night, let fate decide when it’s time to shut up for the night.

Funko Pop! Numbers

Image via Funko Inc./Amazon

Funko Pop! The figures have become hugely popular collector’s items. Inspired by vintage bobbleheads, the shapes are based on pop culture references and icons. Each one is a unique set that is only available in a limited quantity. Once the number is sold, it will never be stored by the company again. Fortunately, even the limited edition numbers are affordable enough that starting a collection doesn’t break the bank. You can even design one of your own on the Funko website.

gaming socks

Image via Amazon

You can find all kinds of socks with funny sayings these days. Although you can use these very general types, there are plenty of perks you can go for specifically to let them reenact their favorite games on their feet.

Headphone hanger

Image via Amazon

The perfect gift for hanging your gaming headset, headphones, cables and many other electronics and gadgets. The hanger fits securely on any surface and is the perfect addition to any gaming station.

Minecraft Steve action figure

Image via Amazon

Steve, like all other things in Minecraft, almost instantly became known all over the world. This action figure set includes a Steve minifigure, an Iron Pickaxe and a coal ore block. This little guy will slide nicely into any storage and make a nice addition to anyone’s collection of gaming gear.

RGB keyboard and mouse

Image via Amazon

Almost everything PC gamers love to have RGB lights. Roll up one of these kids and toss it in their stocking for a sweet surprise.

Super Mario Bros Uno Deck

Image via Amazon

Classic Uno card game with beloved Nintendo characters – This deck is perfect for stocking up, and it’s also very inexpensive. Bringing out a bunch of these on game night with family and friends is a good way to spend time together when it’s AFK.

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