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JK Rowling continues transphobic rhetoric, targeting trans gamer over Hogwarts Legacy comments!

Hogwarts Legacy is supposed to be the dream game Harry Potter Fans have been dying to see it ever since the novels were first published, but JK Rowling’s constant actions have made supporting the game even more difficult. Rowling was once a beloved children’s author until she decided she’d had enough of it and showed the world that she’d been transgender all along. She’s now set her sights on a transgender gamer and Twitter writer, publicly mocking them on social media.

Jesse Earle is a transgender writer, editor, and producer who has responded on Twitter to the controversy surrounding the love of Rowling’s work. Earl writes that she does not envy anyone for having it Harry Potter Books or Movies Since that property meant a lot to people, she even mentioned that she still owns copies of the novels and movies herself. However, Earle also believes that support for Hogwarts Legacy is harmful because fans are now more aware of Rowling’s stance on the transgender community. Earl believes that supporting any current projects in Harry Potter The franchise gives Rowling leverage to continue to justify the author’s personal beliefs and target transgender people.

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Although Earl defended fans’ love of the original property, Rowling took the opportunity to mock Earl publicly on Twitter. Rowling writes that she is “deeply disappointed” that Earl does not realize that the term “Purethink” does not correspond to owning anything associated with her work and claims that “truly good people” should burn local libraries rather than just books and films. Rowling’s antagonism of Earl seems particularly odd, considering that Earl was sympathetic to fans who owned old properties in Harry Potter franchise. We will not be sharing Rowling’s tweet targeting Earl.

Rowling’s poor public image cast a long shadow over him Harry Potter franchise, forcing fans to reckon with Rowling’s anti-transgender belief. The developers of Hogwart’s Legacy attempted to distance themselves from Rowling and minimize the author’s involvement in the game, claiming that she had no direct hand in development. But since it is a file creator Harry Potter books, you will continue to receive money from the title’s earnings. In solidarity with the transgender community, many fans refuse to purchase the game upon its release.

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