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Can you catch a shiny Chespin in Pokémon Go? – January 6, 2023!

Chespin is one of the starter Pokémon from the Kalos region, and you can find it in Pokémon Go. You’ll have a chance to pick them up while exploring your local area to add them to your collection and eventually evolve them into Chesnaught. While you may already have several Chespin in your inventory, many players are watching to see if they can catch a shiny version of their Pokémon. Can you catch a shiny Chespin in Pokémon Go?

Does Chespin have a shiny version in Pokémon Go?

We can confirm that the shiny Chespin version is in Pokémon Go. The glossy version was released during Community Day in January 2023, which featured Chespin. When you find this Pokemon in the wild, there’s a good chance that you’ll have the chance to stumble upon its shiny form, which you can then evolve into its ultimate evolutions.

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There are a few events in Pokémon Go that increase a Pokémon’s chance to appear shiny, and if Chespin has a chance to spawn, we recommend going out of your way to add it to your collection. If you miss catching it during its Community Day, you won’t miss the opportunity to learn Chespin frenzy when you evolve into Chesnaught. However, you can add this Charged Attack to your Chesnaught if you are using Charged Elite TM.

It took Chespin just over two years to receive its shiny form, which is fine for most Pokemon. Niantic sometimes takes several years for a Pokémon to receive its form, sometimes exceeding the two-year mark, but it launched shortly after the mobile game’s second anniversary Chespin.

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