All Omega Protocol Ultimate weapon appearances in Final Fantasy XIV!

Final Fantasy XIV’s ultimate weapons are the pinnacle physical form of bragging rights in the popular MMO. Ultime raids provide some of the most intense challenges available to players, requiring extreme precision, dedication and patience to defeat. Omega Protocol Ultimate is one such fight, and rewards some amazingly animated and flashy weapon skins to show off to everyone around you, provided you can beat the encounter. Here you can see all skins for Omega Protocol Ultimate weapons in Final Fantasy XIV.

Every Omega Protocol Ultimate weapon appears in Final Fantasy XIV

Many prominent members of the Final Fantasy XIV community can always be counted on to post detailed photos or videos of any special weapon skin introduced in Final Fantasy XIV. one like Twitter topic It is where you can look at each individual Protocol Ultimate Omega weapon for each current mission in Final Fantasy XIV. Each one also contains a short video clip showing the animations of the weapons, which are highly detailed with flashes of white, black, and purple cycling through each.

How to get the Omega Protocol Ultimate weapon skin in Final Fantasy XIV

In order to get the weapon skin for yourself, you’ll need to successfully tackle the Ultimate Protocol’s Omega Raid and defeat it. Once this feat is accomplished, everyone involved in completing the encounter will get an Omega Totem to spend on the Nesvaaz NPC, which you can find in Radz-at-Han at (X:10.6, Y:10.).

Screenshot by DoubleXP

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If you want to get more than one skin for your Omega Protocol Ultimate weapon, you will need to defeat the Omega Protocol Ultimate raid once per week to earn more Omega Totems to spend on Nesvaaz.


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