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Forspoken PC demo drops at launch, letting players test their hardware and wooden dialogue tolerance!

After several delays, Forspoken is finally upon us. Players will guide Fry as she explores a magical new world and tries to save it from mysterious dangers. Coinciding with the game’s long-awaited release, the developers also provided players with a free PC demo to guide them through the early stages of the game.

The new demo was announced at Press release From the developers at Luminous Productions, noting that the Forspoken PC demo will be immediately available to players through Steam, Epic Games, and Microsoft Stores when the game launches on January 24th. It may seem unusual for developers to release a demo alongside the global version of a game, but their reasons almost certainly have to do with the much-discussed PC specs that the game will demand.

While the PlayStation 5 demo was released last month to mixed reviews, this is the first time that PC gamers have been able to see if their hardware is capable of playing the game. Releasing a demo at this point would likely allow players to test their hardware for free before they pay for Forspoken. Publisher Square Enix probably doesn’t want to deal with large numbers of gamers asking for refunds because their computers don’t meet their stringent standards.

There’s been a lot of writing about Forspoken’s stout and somewhat wooden dialogue, which has players wondering if they’re as excited about the game as they once thought. After several delays and a console demo that didn’t quite live up to expectations, Square Enix will want to avoid the bad publicity that crowd returns will create.

All three stores offering the demo have a return policy that requires players to either have the game for less than 14 days or have played it for less than 2 hours, but the process can take a long time. Hopefully, this move will prevent players from buying a game they have no hope of actually playing.

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