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How to heal in Forspoken!

In almost any game, you need to figure out a way to heal your character. In Forspoken, the fight is on, and you’ll always need to worry about your health. Like most games, you can heal yourself in Forspoken, but healing isn’t something that just happens. You need to gather herbs, perform some maneuvers, or find a place to rest if you want to heal all of Fry’s battle scars. This guide will show you how to heal in Forspoken.

How to restore health in Forspoken

Your primary method of healing in Forspoken is Healing Drafts. These consumables replenish a large portion of Fry’s health when consumed. At the start of the game, you can carry up to six of these healing items. Healing drafts can be obtained in two ways; Find them in the world or by creating them.

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Where to find Healing Drafts in Forspoken

Healing drafts are commonly found in sanctuaries around the world. When you first enter a shelter, you will usually find two or three drafts of healing scattered around the interior of the building. These consumables can also appear in chests and can sometimes be found in bags around the map. You can craft Healing Drafts by combing a couple of flax balm into a crafting station.

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How to heal using consumable items in Forspoken

Consuming items is one way you can recover in Forspoken. While fighting, you can heal yourself by making counter attacks. You can access the counterattack ability once you complete the tutorial. When an enemy hits you, press the onscreen button to perform a Cuff Counter. Doing so will restore some of Fry’s health, but you won’t regain the full amount of lost health.

How to heal using shelters and other resting sites

Finally, you can make use of shelters and other resting spots to heal yourself without consuming healing drafts. Shelters can be found all over the map. If there aren’t any nearby, you can use the firewood in your inventory to make camp. After resting, you will fully restore your health.

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