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The best Surtr build in Smite!

Surtr is a fire giant from Norse mythology and would be a warrior in Smite. He will unleash his wrath against the other gods, able to become a difficult opponent to defeat. To optimize your time with this character, there are several ways to build Surtr. Here’s what you need to know about the best Surtr design in Smite.

How to build Surtr in Smite

better effects

When playing as Surtr, the traditional path for him to turn would be the Solo lane. As a deity of the solo path, Surtr will be extremely effective against another opponent, and the first relic you’ll want to add to your arsenal is the Teleport Fragment. This should allow you to quickly return to the lane after returning to base. We recommend using Horn or Claw Shard for the second Shard.

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When you reach level 12, the next relic you want to buy will vary depending on the opponent you face in the single lane and the enemy gods on the opposing team. If you need more of a healing antidote, Cursed Ankh might be a good choice. Alternatively, Belt of the Frenzy or Horrific Emblems are also worthwhile options. One of these three should be a suitable option, especially since Surtr will be on the front line for the majority of the fights.

Best starting item

When choosing a starting item for Surtr, you might want to consider using the Bluestone Pendant or Warrior’s Ax. However, if you’re up against a mage with any healing in a solo lane, or another warrior with a strong healing aura, Tainted Steel is always a great item to counter these options. Your starting item will vary based on your opponent, but these are the three you’ll want to consider choosing from when playing in the single player lane.

Surtr ability level ranking

These are the abilities you have to level up while playing as Surtr.

  • 1: Musble Fire – 1/3/6/7/10
  • 2: Fist of the Giant – 2/15/16/18/19
  • 3: Emperoc – 4/8/11/12/14
  • 4 (Final): End of Day – 5/9/13/17/20

The best items for Surtr

When building Surtr, he was a fearsome warrior who wanted to be on the front line of the fight. Since he will be one of the biggest threats to the enemy team in terms of dealing damage and being a tank, he will be an immediate target. You want to prepare to take concentrated damage while dealing a lot. Here’s a standard build of what you can expect when playing as Surtr.

  • Silence amulet
  • Runner’s ax
  • Genji guard
  • phalanx
  • Runeforged hammer
  • crusher

The overall choices for your final build will differ each time you play Surtr. You want to think about fighting against different gods, and the best way to face them is when you enter the late game. Here are a few options for more physical protection-focused items.

  • shield of valor
  • Gladiator shield
  • Midguardian mail
  • Witch’s sword

If you’re fighting against a team with heavy magic power, you’ll want to stack up your magic protection. Here are a few items that could fit that bill.

  • Ansel
  • Fortress of Hope
  • Magi’s cloak
  • Runic shield
  • Void stone

If you need an anti-heal stack against an enemy team, here are some options for an item you can use to fill that role.

When you want to build more physical strength into your machine, here are some options you can consider to make your Surtr stronger.

  • Blackthorn hammer
  • Bloodforge
  • heartseeker
  • sled
  • Void shield

How you build your server will be up to you and the enemies you face. We don’t recommend using the same build often if the enemies on the opposing team change between games, especially if the enemy team is using any traditional encounters against you. It is best to remain flexible in your device and adapt to the situation.

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