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Destiny 2 drop Umbral Engrams in Season 20 and Lightfall, introducing more weapon focusing options!

It appears Bungie didn’t learn their lesson when they experienced a one-day outage when they tried to drop Destiny 2’s Blue Engrams earlier this week. They announced that when Season 20 happens, Umbral Engrams will be dropped, and hopefully players won’t have to endure another major outage when that happens. Along with this announcement, the team also shared that vendors will receive additional weapon focus options that should make it easier to obtain certain loadouts from several weekly activities.

Bungie announced at a Detailed blog post, outside of the usual This Week At Bungie weekly posts, which happen every Thursday at 2 PM ET. Umbral Engrams will be swapped into seasonal engrams that players can use instead. Some readers may have a hard time reading the post, due to the odd color choices made by Bungie.

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Season 20 is set to happen on the same day as the official release of Destiny 2’s next expansion, Lightfall, on February 28.

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