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Destiny 2 fans blame Blue Engrams as the culprit for the game’s day-long outage!

It’s been an interesting few hours for Destiny 2. After a few server hiccups and multiple glitches on player accounts, developer Bungie had to shut down the game for almost an entire day, last night sharing issues the game was having that wouldn’t be fixed until the next day . Everything seems to be back in action, players no longer lose their hard-earned titles and victories. In the wake of the outage, many fans jokingly blame Bungie’s removal of Blue Engrams in this week’s patch.

It was announced last week during Bungie’s This week at Bungie After that, when players hit the soft gear cap on the Guardian, Blue Engrams no longer drop. Blue engrams contained low-level equipment for players who were actively involved in the endgame and were often an item that everyone breaks down to free up inventory space. By removing them, players jokingly believe this caused the entire Destiny 2 system to collapse, With Blue Ingrams They fight back to ensure they stay in the game.

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Suffice it to say that yesterday’s weekly reset had some hiccups. Servers took about an hour longer to perform regular maintenance. When Destiny 2 came back, many players reported missing many victories and missing seals from their characters. Triumph and Seals are content-related completions where players have to work through multiple challenges to earn that require hours of grinding and dedication to finish.

Fortunately, a handful of guys had some Fun with problemsand even a handful of them returned to original destiny while they Wait for the servers to return. It wasn’t the best start to a new Destiny 2 week, but fans made the most of it while Bungie’s support team worked overtime to fix everything. There are still a few more problems they’re trying to fix, and throughout the outage, the Bungie team You communicate constantly With the guys, making sure to keep them in the loop as much as possible, but not sharing everything.

With the servers backed up, it looks like things are going to be a little more stable for Destiny 2 players as they jump back into the weekly grind. We’ll have to see how Bungie plans to get to Blue Engrams to ensure it doesn’t get over his wrath again in future patches.

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