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How to change your name in Among Us!

Making yourself stand out as a member of Among Us can be a bit tricky and maybe something you don’t always want to do. It might be best to stay under the radar, depending on whether you’re playing the trickster or an innocent crew member. You may want to deal with your appearance or the name of your character. Creating and changing a name within the game is easy for anyone who wants to create a funny name associated with their character in the game. The process has changed from the original format, but it is not very complicated. Here’s what you need to know about how to change your name in Among Us.

How to change your username in Among Us

Before you can change your name, make sure you’ve already created an account through Among Us. You can do this by visiting the main menu, going to the left side of the screen, and there will be a section that says, “Account Information.” All you need to do is click on the tab on the left side of your screen, then all your account information will appear on the ID card. You need to click on the “Sign In” option at the bottom of the screen. When it asks you to sign in, you will be signed up for a new account.

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With the new account information updated, you will now be free to update your account to edit your name at any time. This is a process that you must do before starting any Among Us game. After doing this once, this is the same screen you will need to visit whenever you want to change your name.

Screenshot from Gamepur

You can choose a completely random name, or you can come up with a similar one. The name doesn’t have to be unique either. Both you and your friend can have the same name on top of your head, which can confuse anyone you’re playing with, making a Among Us match even more difficult.

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