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The Day Before removed from Steam and delayed to November by strange copyright claim!

The months leading up to a game’s release are always fraught with last-minute panics for developers, but the team behind The Day Before is currently experiencing the worst of the most. Despite being the second most wishlisted game on the platform with just over a month left before its scheduled March 1st release, the team behind The Day Before has been removed from Steam without any warning to fans due to a copyright claim.

Apparently Fntastic, who are the developers of the game, have been through about 24 hours. according to on TwitterThey were only notified of a copyright claim that caused The Day Before to be removed from Steam on January 24th a few days prior, and were working on a fix when the game was taken down. Their story is that they weren’t aware of another name registration app before they could. The confusion was enough that The Day Before had its release pushed back to November so they could work out all the issues that come with this legal trap.

It’s very clear that the developers were caught off guard by The Day before they were removed from Steam. When it first happened, they sent a Post to their community Claiming that it was due to maintenance on the platform. The team at Fntastic was aware of the game’s copyright claim but didn’t think that was why the game was suddenly written off. The issue wasn’t clarified on Twitter until a few hours later, likely after very panicked discussions with employees at Valve.

It’s hard not to feel the team that put so much effort into the game. The open-world MMO set in post-apocalyptic America had been a little over a month until it was released when all this happened and it was highly anticipated by gamers. The release of a new gameplay video has also been delayed while the team consults with lawyers to avoid running into any further legal troubles.

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