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What does Streamer Mode change in Hi-Fi Rush?!

If you are looking to play any video game with soundtracks made by artists who are not associated with the game developer or publisher, you can expect streaming mode to be included. With Hi-Fi Rush focusing on music, you can bet there’s one here, too. Having said that, what exactly does it do and should you turn it on or off?

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What does Streamer Mode do in Hi-Fi Rush?

Since Hi-Fi Rush contains a lot of licensed music, Streamer Mode will replace the licensed music with very original and generic music while you play. This makes it so if you’re streaming or posting a video about the game, you don’t have to worry about being hit by a copyright claim on Twitch or YouTube. If you leave it, your content may be muted, removed, or your account suspended entirely.

Should I turn on Streamer Mode in Hi-Fi Rush?

We only recommend turning on Streamer Mode in Hi-Fi Rush if you’re creating content about the game through a YouTube broadcast or video. This will protect you from facing any unnecessary penalty and can be reset in the Gameplay section of the Options menu when you are not recording or streaming.

Streaming modes are becoming more and more frequent these days with the ease of receiving copyright claims from music owners. While they have licensed the game makers to be able to play their own music in the game, they don’t want that to pass freely on Twitch or YouTube without seeing any money from it. It’s best to just replace licensed music with the generic stuff so you don’t have to deal with it as a content creator.

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