Fearne Cotton calls out body shaming after 10-year battle with bulimia

Fearne Cotton well and truly put the body shamers in their place (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Fearne Cotton is not here for judgment when it comes to other people’s bodies.

The TV presenter and author, 41, felt like ‘something has to be said’ after followers started discussing her own body size when she shared a selfie.

Fearne initially posted a mirror selfie to shout about her collaboration with clothing brand Nobody’s Child, looking extra pretty in a black dress which sat mid-thigh.

However, some suggested the former Celebrity Juice star was ‘too skinny’, which caused others to become furious at the ‘unnecessary’ criticism of her appearance.

Addressing the discussion, Fearne shared a second photo of herself, wearing a t-shirt with her hair in a messy bun, pulling a confused expression for the camera.

She began in the caption: ‘Sometimes I think, I can’t be a**ed to respond to the insane amounts of noise on here, but when it comes to judging bodies I feel something has to be said.’

Fearne Cotton

Followers initially made comments about Fearne’s body size when she posted a mirror selfie (Picture: Instagram)
The TV presenter then took it upon herself to call out the judgment (Picture: Instagram)

Proceeding to call out double standards between men and women, she wrote: ‘Online arguments or discussions around what bodies look like (see my last post) are not helpful. If we are judging other peoples bodies or making accusations we are driving a narrative that women have to look a certain way to be accepted. This sort of attention is not cast upon men, ever.

‘No matter what my size, pregnant or otherwise, I have knobbly knees and spindly ankles.’

Going into detail about Her own history with an eating disorder, Fearne added: ‘I have always held my weight around my midriff. Its different for everyone. But also I’m not sure why I am defending myself here.

‘Due to having been bulimic in my twenties I am extra sensitive to these sorts of discussions as I have worked hard to heal, recover and get to a place where I love food, eat for energy and pleasure, exercise to give my strength now Im in my forties and feel so grateful for my health.’

Fearne Cotton

The author has spoken openly about her 10-year struggle with bulimia (Picture: PA)

She then assured that she is ‘in no way upset or personally offended’ as she has ‘been through a lot worse’, but wants to keep using her voice for good.

‘I will keep fighting this fight for ALL women for the rest of my life,’ she declared.

Ending on a motivational note, Fearne concluded: ‘I am much more than what my body looks like, as are ALL women. Peace and love ❤️’

The radio presenter was met with a whole load of love in the comments, with former Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jayne Dunn writing: ‘Well said and so important 👏’

Fearne now assures the comments about her body are water off a duck’s back, but she wants to fight for other women (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Natalie Cassidy added: ‘I honestly cannot believe people are STILL commenting on bodies. We are lucky to have them, whatever shape they are. And yours is GORGEOUS. ❤️’

Friend Denise Van Outen wrote sweetly: ‘Love you Cotton 👏❤️😍’

Happy Place podcast host Fearne has spoken openly about her 10-year struggle with bulimia in the past.

The much-loved star was recently inspired to speak out amid headlines about the trend of ‘Heroin Chic’ making a comeback.

Fearne Cotton and Jesse Wood

She first sought help after marrying Jesse Wood in 2014 (Picture: Darren Gerrish/WireImage)

‘Sometimes I think tons of differing voices weighing in on a subject is too noisy but having had a lot of body image issues over the years I feel compelled if only to continue some healthy debate,’ she wrote on Instagram.

‘I was bulimic for ten years which was partly an issue of self loathing and partly a control mechanism. I still feel a discomfort in mentioning it, only spurred on by the knowledge that so many are dealing with it now and might feel like they’ll never break the cycle.

‘My message being…if I can, you can. It is absolutely possible. Go gentle on yourself and know that you can heal.’

The broadcaster has also said she didn’t realize in the past that her eating disorder was a mental illness.

Fearne is also a mum to Rex, nine, and Honey, seven (Picture: Instagram)

Speaking to Joe Wicks on his podcast in 2020, Fearne – who was 15 when she started working on GMTV – said she instantly developed ‘comparison disease’ after being thrust into the spotlight.

‘Looking back, I disregarded bulimia for a long time and didn’t see it as a mental health illness, I just saw it as a weird thing for me to be doing,’ she admitted.

Now, however, Fearne is able to recognize that she used bulimic behaviors as she ‘didn’t feel mentally strong enough’ to deal with her hectic career at the time.

She sought help for her eating disorder and was able to move on after tying the knot with musician Jesse Wood in 2014 and giving birth to her first child later that year.


If you suspect you, a family member or friend has an eating disorder, contact Beat on 0808 801 0677 or at help@beateatingdisorders.org.uk, for information and advice on the best way to get appropriate treatment

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