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How to activate all Discord Easter Eggs!

Discord is a favorite communications device embraced all over the world. Its developers have hidden some interesting and fun surprises, from fun references to craft games, in the app and website for you to find. Some of them may be gone soon, so it’s best to find and enjoy them wherever possible.

Discord Easter Eggs on PC

Screenshot from Gamepur

While there is a different version of Discord that can be downloaded, such as the one on mobile, the PC version was the original. As such, there are plenty of PCs for users to find.

Discord Street Fighter Dance Revolution Revolution

Screenshot from Gamepur

This set is a two-in-one combo, with a Dance Revolution-style easter egg, plus a hidden combo symbol to display the Street Fighter callback. You can access Easter eggs through the following steps:

  • Pressing CTRL and / brings up a list of keyboard combinations.
  • In the upper right, you’ll see the arrow keys that light up as you press them on the keyboard, and they also play an electronic sound that can be quite fun to play around with.
  • Once you’re done messing around with those, press the following keys in sequence: “H” “H” “Right Arrow key” “N” “K” and you’ll see a “Raging Demon Easter Egg”.

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This is simple and easy to do, and it stays on until you repeat the steps to activate it.

  • Click on the top left Discord logo 15 times in a row. By doing so, you will activate the “Discordo” sound. To deactivate it, repeat this method.

Sweets from Nitro Boosts

Screenshot from Gamepur.

Quickly moving your cursor over the notification for a Nitro boost to the server causes a spray of confetti to appear, but if you do it enough times, Wampus will appear in one of the corners to drop extra confetti.

404 Snake

Screenshot from Gamepur

If you manage to get an Error 404, you’ll end up with an error code page, but pressing the button to the right of the robotic hamster will activate a game called Snek. Another way to get a Snek game to display the 404 error page is to write the Konami code for the game which is the following:


this is not true

If you change your Discord username to a string of very unusual characters, the edit button will give you a face of total disapproval. It can not be done

Humans. txt

Screenshot from Gamepur

go to the

This will take you to a text file on the server itself. Discord used this page to display their logo in ASCII as a form of art, as well as include a link to their About page.

ID copy

Screenshot from Gamepur

Clicking the user ID to copy it multiple times will bring up alt text, going from “Copied” to “Double Copied” to the ending “Beyond Godlike”

Searching can be difficult

Screenshot from Gamepur

When searching for results that cannot be located, you will receive a standard message telling you that the search was unsuccessful, however, sometimes you will be able to run a different text that says “Empathy banana is here for you”. You also get a second easter egg that will show a different text that reads “We dropped the magnifying glass.”

Fed Kids

Typing into will direct you to an old video called Computer Man from a Canadian show called VidKids.

Holiday specials

During the 2020 Halloween season, the music for Discord calls has shifted to a more spooky sound. During this year, a festive sound pack was made available, changing the different sounds available to a more festive and year-end theme. Discord has also added a few other variations to its sounds on various holidays.

There is also a Turkey emoji that appears in the corner of the text bar instead of the standard smiley emoji. This happens when the time and date are set to Thanksgiving.

Discord easter eggs on mobile

Screenshot from Gamepur

Some of the easter eggs you’ll only be able to access on the mobile versions of Discord, due to the way the app interacts with your device.

AMOLED flashlight

Screenshot from Gamepur

This is only available on the Android version of Discord. To activate this, you will need to go to the Appearance settings and tap on the dark theme a total of nine times. This will show you a new look that takes dark mode to a whole new depth. You can also activate the “AMOLED experimental mode”.

To get the Flashlight theme, you need to tap the Light theme option a total of six times, similar to how you would do it with the AMOLED option.

Easter eggs retired

Screenshot from Gamepur

Unfortunately, not everything lasts forever, and these are some of the easter eggs Discord Daves decided needed a rest.

this is not true

If you changed your Discord username to a string of very unusual characters that was too long for the text box, the edit button would give you a face of outright disapproval. This was done by bypassing the usual unicode character limit.

Dubstep Discord

This didn’t activate easily and it happened randomly by accident, so there wasn’t anything you could do to get it to work. There was 1/1000y Chance that Discord will play a dubstep version of your usual ringtone. However, this has been discontinued in 2020.

Madness mode

This easter egg would have allowed you to change the speed at which notifications arrive on the server. While on smaller servers it wouldn’t be a problem to get high speed notifications, on the larger servers the clutter was unbearable. While the easter egg has been removed, along with the original YouTube video, you may still be able to find copies of it to see what it looks like in reality.

Mario question mark

In the old days, when the dispute was still young, there was a “?” On the main page, which is similar to the page in the Mario game. Clicking this dispenses a coin, Super Star, and other items from the game. You can also tap a small beaker filled with a greenish liquid that will bubble. There are videos that show how Discord used to search for curious souls.

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