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The 10 best builds in Brotato!

Brotato can be a punishing game, as you will face waves of relentless enemies with only a few weapons. You’ll need to use your wits, reflexes, and a little luck to get through the waves. This is especially true if you increase the danger level as this makes the enemies tougher and more dangerous. As the game becomes more difficult, you get less time to experiment and find the optimal builds.

While you are sometimes at the mercy of luck when it comes to getting the weapons and items you need, there are builds you can target. These builds were tested in Danger 5 settings and managed to win with every character class. Try them out for yourself if you’ve been struggling to complete any Danger 5 game.

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# 10. Three spears and three slingshots

Screenshot from Gamepur

Three Spears and Three Slingshots combine the best of basic weapons for general attack. While it works well for the Generalist class, it’s also great for players who need a balance between melee combat and ranged combat. Spears block anyone coming to harm you, and Slingshots allow you to harm enemies from a distance.

The initial bonus gives you a health boost that helps you survive the early game. The high attack speed allows you to quickly deal with enemies and drive them away from you. You can also swap Spears for Spiky Shields if you need a better Armor and Knockback boost.

#9. Six Spears

Screenshot from Gamepur

Spears look slow and ineffective, but in fact they are a powerful melee weapon. They have the maximum initial reach of any melee weapon, and can hit several units in a straight line. With the right upgrades, you can get rid of waves of enemies quickly. Attack speed and damage will get you through most rounds, perfect for classes like Speedy who don’t want to get close to enemies.

#8. Six sticks

Screenshot from Gamepur

Sticks are a primitive fighting weapon that gets stronger the more sticks you use. This effect is amplified if you upgrade your wand, giving you more power with each wand. It’s a great weapon for classes like the Lumberjack or Wildling, who need a damage boost and have a disadvantage against damage. A class like Multitasker can take this even further, by equipping twelve sticks and getting a massive attack boost.

The only downside is that you can probably do everything in Sticks, because that’s the best way to extract their power. If you don’t plan to have more than one wand, you’d better look for another build.

# 7. Six machine guns (machine guns)

Screenshot from Gamepur

When trying to exploit the Lifesteal effect, you can’t go wrong with six SMGs. While the damage may be low at first, some investments in Ranged Damage will fix that. It is ideal for lifestyles, as it attacks quickly enough to make an impact. Combined with the Bandana and Ricochet upgrades, it is possible to mop up waves of enemies without getting scratched. It may take some getting used to, but it’s a powerful weapon combination that rarely lets you down.

#6. Six guns

Screenshot from Gamepur

One of the most powerful firearms you can use is the shotgun. While it may seem weak as the damage spreads, the numbers can increase once you upgrade. Get several guns, upgrade your attack speed and ranged damage, and enemies will start falling in droves. You can also combine this with lifestyle, as you will potentially get life with every bullet in the spread.

For Multitasker, you can also increase this to 12 guns for more damage. It will take some time to build this deck, but any class that can wield a shotgun can easily take advantage of its power.

# 5. Six Fists

Screenshot from Gamepur

Fists are a cheap weapon to have, and the unarmed bonus gives you a huge dodge boost. The fists also have decent damage along with the Knockback, which gives you more wiggle room if you’re stuck. Fully upgraded fists can be some of the best and fastest melee weapons Brotato has access to.

If you need more powerful weapons, there are several grip options that allow you to keep your bounty unarmed. You can upgrade fists with flaming brass knuckles (which can depend on elemental damage) or electric fists as needed. It’s great for a brawler, but other classes can do just fine with the fists in a pinch.

# 4. Six keys

Screenshot from Gamepur

If you’re going the engineering route, you can’t go wrong with wrenches. Fitting a turret with each key is much more efficient than using screwdrivers to set mines. Turrets are upgraded along with the wrench, turning into more powerful ones the more you upgrade. Towers are not affected by any damage reduction penalties, maintaining their strength as long as the geometry is not compromised.

The only downside is that going the engineering route means giving up damage in other areas. But if you have to deal with damage minimization, wrenches aren’t a bad weapon to pick up. The engineering bonus you get will also power other towers, making them even stronger.

#3. Six Tasers

Screenshot from Gamepur

If you’re trying to survive and need a quick material boost, tasers are the weapon of choice. They can slow down enemies long enough for you to get away, and a harvest boost can give you plenty of resources when the wave ends. Their damage isn’t bad either, though it quickly drops and is mostly used to slow down enemies.

Tasers are also recommended for magicians, as they can complement wands well. With five tasers and one stick, you can effectively block enemies while dealing incendiary damage. This also helps you buy time until you find the flamethrower, which demonstrates the true power of building items.

# 2. Six Pistols

Screenshot from Gamepur

In terms of power and attack speed, pistols are a hard weapon to beat. Their attack power is enough to take down strong enemies with a few shots, they have a decent attack rate, and they can punch through another target with half the damage. With fully upgraded pistols and a good investment in Ranged Damage stats, there isn’t much that will stop you.

It is also flexible enough to interchange with other guns. You can swap out the Pistol for an SMG/Minigun if you need faster attacks or you’re after a Lifesteal strategy. For more power, you can switch to a rocket launcher/nuclear launcher to destroy the field. Other guns may look better, but owning a six-gun isn’t a bad option at all.

#1. Six swingers

Screenshot from Gamepur

The Slingshot may not be as powerful as a pistol at first glance, but it is capable of ricocheting and attacking multiple targets. The more you upgrade your Slingshots, the more bounces you can get. This can quickly eliminate enemy mobs with the right upgrades. Combined with good attack speed and decent damage, it’s hard to beat Slingshot.

The slingshot comes with the initial bonus, which helps boost your maximum health and keep you in the game for longer. This allows you to focus on other stats, such as Ranged Damage or Attack Speed, both of which greatly benefit Slingshot’s counterattacks. Almost any class that can use ranged weapons will benefit from Slingshot.

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