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What is contest mode in Destiny 2?!

There are a few terms that casual Destiny 2 players are familiar with, and the tournament mode is one of them. It’s a specific game mode that occurs on rare occasions throughout Destiny 2. Bungie developers may use the term in their tweets, or veteran Destiny 2 players may refer to it on social media or in Discord chats. Here’s everything you need to know about Tournament mode and why it’s important in Destiny 2.

How does tournament mode work and what does it mean in Destiny 2

Tournament Mode is a Destiny 2 restricted game mode that appears in a new raid when it is launched in the game. The game mode usually lasts for 24 hours, with the power level of each Guardian who enters this game mode to be a set amount for the raid. Even if your character is above this power level, when you enter the raid, the power level will rise very high. This is done so that on the first day of the raid in Destiny 2 everyone is on the same playing field, which prevents teams that were taller and tougher than others from getting a distinct advantage.

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There may also be some restrictions on the type of gear you can use in a raid when tournament mode is in effect. Bungie usually outlines these rules before a raid, giving groups time to figure out the best gear and combinations available to them, and prepare for the encounters they might have to face in a brand new raid.

For Lightfall Raid, the tournament mode timer has been extended. Instead of having a 24-hour window, Bungie decided that they’re planning the tournament mode for an additional 24 hours, giving everyone in the game a chance to earn the exclusive emblem that comes with completing a raid in tournament mode. These raids are usually launched on a Friday afternoon, which can prevent players working day jobs from obtaining this emblem or force them to spend many hours into the night working to obtain it.

Any player wishing to participate outside of tournament mode will need to wait until the day after the raid launches in Destiny 2 or when Bungie engages that tournament mode is no longer applicable.

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