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Can you unlock mounts in the Diablo IV beta? Answered!

In Diablo IV, you will slay hordes of enemies and collect epic loot. You’ll also do all of that while riding some of the most amazing creatures in the world. From fiery demon horses to dragon-like ice beasts, these horses are not just a means of transportation but an expression of your power and style. Because let’s face it – traversing the vast world of Diablo IV on foot is a real drag. This is why finding consistent home install locations is crucial. To make your journey through Sanctuary smoother, you’ll have to complete Donan’s Favor, a completely unlockable quest. But is it already available in the beta version?

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Can you get mounts in the Diablo IV beta?

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Unfortunately, during the beta, you won’t be able to experience the thrill of fantasy combat. We scoured the land far and wide and only managed to track down one Stable Master, Miletka. It is located in the region of Sarkova Corridor in the Broken Peaks.

Now, before you go running into the sunset, there is a task that you must complete to reach these majestic beasts. Since it is a level 30 mission, it was locked during the beta which has a level cap of 25. When the game is fully released, you must progress through the campaign until you reach and conquer the “Mount: Donan’s Favor” mission. Only then will the gates to Stable Masters open for you, giving you the ability to ride like a boss.

Until then, it will be just you and your feet. Even if you have a few mouth watering drops, you won’t be able to ride until you can get to this mission. It’s a big deal, but don’t worry; We will keep our ears to the ground and let you know as soon as this restriction is lifted. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for Miletka and the stables because walking, as we all know, is for the wreck.

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