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How to defeat the Butcher in Diablo IV!

Diablo IV has a lot of enemies for you to fight. Some of them can be taken down easily, while others will not fall without a fierce fight. However, the only monster you need to hunt down is the butcher. That’s right, the famous demon is also present in the latest edition of the series, and he can send you to your grave instantly. In this guide, we will talk about how to defeat the butcher in Diablo IV.

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How to find and defeat the Butcher in Diablo IV

The first thing you need to remember is that there is no specific spawn point for a butcher. Instead, a demon will appear on its own at random within a dungeon. He can appear in any room while fighting enemies. Therefore, you should always be prepared. Don’t worry; It will not appear outside the dungeons, so you can easily explore the open world. At least that’s the case in the beta version of the game. Moreover, the butcher also will not appear until you reach level 10.

As soon as the butcher enters the room, you will notice that he has more health points than you. Although it will produce at the same level, you will not be a match for it. Therefore, you should not even think about fighting him, because one hit of the butcher can drain a lot of your character’s health. Instead, what you need to do is run towards the exit of the room making sure that the butcher follows you. When you leave the room, the butcher in the doorway will freeze and not move. You can then start attacking him with all your might without worrying about getting attacked in return.

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After a while, the butcher will be eliminated, and you can get first-class loot, gold, and experience points from his corpse.

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