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How to show FPS in Diablo IV!

FPS plays an important game in video games. The more there are, the smoother the gameplay. While you don’t need 120+ FPS in Diablo IV, you need at least 60 FPS for a smoother experience. However, since the game does not have the option to show FPS, many players are wondering how they can see it. If you are one of them, then continue reading below as we will discuss how to bring up FPS in Diablo IV.

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How do you see FPS in Diablo IV

If you are playing the game on a PC, there are several programs that you can use to see the FPS in Diablo IV. Remember that they are all accurate, so you can use any of them.

Windows Game Bar

Windows Game Bar can help quickly display FPS in Diablo IV. The best part is that, unlike other software, you don’t have to worry about downloading it as it comes pre-installed. All you need to do is press Windows key + G on your keyboard and click on the widget menu. Then, click the Pin button on the Performance tab. You will then start to see Diablo 4 stats in the Performance tab, including FPS.

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Nvidia GeForce Experience.

If you own an Nvidia graphics card, you can download the Nvidia GeForce Experience app. Once done, go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon, which can be found near your username. Then scroll down and enable In-Game Overlay. Now, go to its settings, select Hud Layout, go to Performance and then click on FPS. You can also select where you want the FPS counter to appear on your screen.

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AMD Radeon software

The third and final program we recommend is AMD Radeon, which can be used by those who have an AMD GPU installed in their system. This can also help bring out the FPS in Diablo IV. All you need to do is launch the program, go to Settings, access the Performance tab, and enable “In-Game Overlay”.

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