Wire And John Wick Actor Passed Away From A Natural Cause, Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Career And More!

The tragic illness and health of Lance Reddick before his death. People are interested to know more about the illnesses that Lance Reddick suffered from and his general health before his death. On March 17, 2023, the actor lost his battle with cancer

It was his roles as Cedric Daniels in “The Wire”, Philip Broyles in “Fringe” and Chief Irvin Irving in “Bosch” that brought him the most fame.

Reddick is also known for appearing in films like the John Wick franchise and Angel Has Fallen, as well as for his roles in TV shows like Oz, Lost, and Resident Evil. One of his most recent movie roles was Angel Has Fallen.

In addition to his successful career as an actor, Riddick was also a talented musician and has contributed his voice and likeness to a number of characters in video games.

Reddick has co-produced three upcoming projects: two films, one TV series, and the computer game Hellboy: Wired Network.

Lance Reddick (picture: source)

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Lance Reddick: Struggling with illness and health

The American actor and singer was notably absent from the John Wick 4 premiere in New York City on Wednesday. The event took place on the red carpet.

With the news of his death announced on Friday morning, they gave no explanation for his absence, and thus many individuals were concerned about whether or not he was in good physical health.

Since no details regarding Riddick’s illness have been made public, it is unknown why he skipped the John Wick 4 premiere on the red carpet and other activities.

On the other hand, since he was involved in producing various works, such as movies, TV shows, and video games, it is likely that he was taking a break to recharge his batteries.

Both “White Guys Can’t Jump” and “Shirley,” two movies planned for release later this year, would have featured Reddick in some form.

His followers were never dissatisfied with his role, as they always took great pride in his performance.

After Riddick’s death, many people sent their sympathies and paid tribute to him and his family.

Despite his death, his legacy will live on in the films he has yet to direct as well as in the well-known films and TV series he has already produced.

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Lance Reddick: Weir and John Wick actor passed away

Reliable sources reported that the death of the John Wick and The Wire star was due to natural causes.

On Friday morning, the dead body of the actor was discovered inside his home in Los Angeles.

He died at the age of sixty. During his career, he has appeared in a variety of well-known movies and TV shows.

Even if he had cancer, the actor never revealed this information to anyone. Many websites have published stories about this disease and the health concerns he had before his death.

It was a peaceful march. He appeared to be in good health just a few days ago and has been busy working on a variety of initiatives for the future.

The day before his death, Reddick uploaded a photo to Instagram of himself and his dog with the message, “On film, off and on, it’s no surprise I love having fun with my dogs.”

His enthusiasm for canines becomes very apparent throughout the film, and he owns four distinct breeds of canines.

And in the photos he just uploaded the day before he passed, he appeared to be in good health. However, the results of the autopsy can shed light on whether or not the death was natural.

Reddick’s talent combined with his services in the field of entertainment will ensure that he is not forgotten.

He has been able to build an impressive career and leave an indelible mark on both his followers and peers. His legacy will live on through the many people who admire his work, and his memory will be honored.

Lance Reddick
Lance Reddick (picture: source)

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Lance Reddick: Bio

Lance Reddick, American Actor and Musician, through his Biography and Wiki. Lance Reddick was born December 31, 1962Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

He is best known for his roles in popular TV series and movies such as The Wire, Fringe, and John Wick.

Besides his successful acting career, Lance is also an A.J Talented musician who has released two albums, Reflections and Remembers (2007) and Shrek (2021).

Lance Reddick: Early Career

Lance started his acting career in the late 90’s and quickly gained recognition for his performance.

He portrayed the role of Cedric Daniels in the critically acclaimed TV series, The Wire, which ran from 2002 to 2008.

The show was praised for its realistic portrayal of the drug trade in Baltimore and Lance’s performance received praise.

After The Wire, Lance appeared in several TV series such as Fringe, Bosch, and American Horror Story, to name a few.

He has also appeared in many movies including John Wick, White House Down, Godzilla vs. Kong.

In addition to his acting career, Lance is also a voice actor and has lent his voice to several video games such as Destiny and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Lance Reddick: Album

Apart from acting, Lance is also a musician who has released two albums. his first album, Reflections and remembrancesreleased in 2007, and his second album, a partnerreleased in 2021.

Lance is a talented bass player and has been playing since his teenage years. He has also composed music for many films and TV shows.

In conclusion, Lance Reddick is a very talented actor and musician who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

He has given exceptional performances in many TV series and movies and has also showcased his musical talents by releasing two albums.

His contributions to the entertainment industry have been widely recognized and appreciated.

Lance Reddick
Lance Reddick (photo: source)

Lance Reddick: Age, Height, Weight & Net Worth 2023

If you are a fan of the popular TV show “The Wire” or the popular video game series “Destiny”, you are probably familiar with the talented actor Lance Reddick. With a career spanning more than two decades, Reddick has become a household name, known for his impeccable acting skills and commanding screen presence. In this article, we will delve into some of the basic details about the actor including his age, height, weight, and net worth.

Lance Reddick
Lance Reddick


Lance Reddick was born December 31, 1962which means that as of the time of this writing, it is 60 years old old. Despite being well into his sixties, Reddick has shown no signs of slowing down, as he continues to take on challenging roles and captivate audiences with his performance.

height and weight

Riddick stands tall 6ft 2in (1.88 meters), which is an impressive height for an actor. When it comes to his weight, Reddick has not revealed this information publicly. However, based on his height and lean body physique, it is safe to assume that he maintains a healthy weight.

Lance Reddick
Lance Reddick

net worth 2023

As of 2023, Lance Reddick’s net worth is estimated to be approx 3 million dollars.

This impressive amount is a testament to his successful career in the entertainment industry, which has included roles in a number of critically acclaimed TV shows, movies, and video games.

Riddick’s acting career began in the early 1990s, and since then he has appeared in a wide variety of projects.

Among his most notable roles is playing the character of Cedric Daniels in “The Wire,” as well as providing the voice of Commander Zavala in the “Destiny” video game franchise. He has also appeared in many other TV shows, including “Fringe”, “Lost”, and “Bosch”, among others.

In addition to his acting career, Riddick is also a skilled musician and has released several albums, including the critically acclaimed ‘Reflections and Remembrances’.

Lance Reddick is a talented and versatile actor with an impressive career spanning over two decades. height 6ft 2in With an estimated net worth of $3 million, Reddick has become a well-known figure in the entertainment industry.

Whether you’re a fan of his work on “The Wire” or “Destiny,” there’s no denying Reddick’s influence on the world of entertainment.

Lance Reddick
Lance Reddick

quick Facts

nickname Riddick
sex male
age 60 years old (in 2023)
date of birth December 31, 1962
full name Lance Reddick
profession Actor, Singer, Producer
nationality American
place of birth Baltimore, Maryland, United States
religion Christianity
Zodiac sign Capricorn

questions and answers

  • Who is Lance Reddick and what are his most famous roles?

  • Lance Reddick is an American actor known for his roles in many TV shows and movies. He is best known for his portrayal of Cedric Daniels in the TV series ‘The Wire’, Philip Broyles in ‘Fringe’, and Sharon in the ‘John Wick’ film series.
  • How did Lance Reddick start his acting career?

  • Lance Reddick started his acting career in New York City in the early 1990s. He began performing in theater productions and gradually moved to film and television. He got his big break in the industry with his role in the HBO series “The Wire”.
  • What awards has Lance Reddick won for his acting?

  • Although he has been nominated for many awards, Lance Reddick is yet to win any major acting awards. He was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for his role in ‘The Wire’ and a Critics’ Choice Television Award for his role in ‘Bosch’.
  • Does Lance Reddick have any talents other than acting?

  • In addition to acting, Lance Reddick is also a musician. He is a classically trained singer who has done many operas and musicals. He has also released his own music and appeared on several soundtracks.
  • What upcoming projects does Lance Reddick have?

  • Lance Reddick has several upcoming projects in the works. He will reprise his role as Charon in “John Wick: Chapter 4” and will also appear in the upcoming movie, “The French Dispatch.” Additionally, it has been cast in the Amazon series The Peripheral, which is set to premiere in late 2022.

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