Mirugi Dishon Wife Elizabeth Githinga Passed Away In His House, Family And Investigations Details!

Mirugi Dishon is a Kikuyu Gospel musician, and is currently in the spotlight because his wife, Elizabeth Githinga, committed suicide in their home.

This caught the public’s attention.

He is famous for his songs like “Kwihenia Kwa Ngoro“,”Materibo, vol. 3, Hatiri Undu,“”Ndweera“,”Kumbe no Urimu,” And “Morongo,” among many other things.

Mirugi Dishon (Photo: source)

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The death of Mirogi Deshon’s wife, Elizabeth Githinga, in his home!

According to Kikuyu Gospel artist Miroji Deshun, his wife, whose name was Elizabeth, committed suicide at their residence in Western Kahoa And he died there.

Saturday , March 18, 2023The news broke that a preacher named Elizabeth Githinga had died in his home. At that time, the musician was very popular throughout the day.

The singer, who is currently being investigated in connection with the pastor’s death, is alleged to have stated that she was a former lover and that she had traveled from Nakuru to see him on Saturday.

The investigation into the singer’s possible role in the pastor’s death is ongoing.

When Mirugi arrives at his home in Kahawa West, he has just rushed out the door to run some errands along the Thika Road, and she claims to have offered to help him clean up before he left.

Elizabeth Githinga: What happened to her?

  • According to a statement from Elizabeth to the police, she went to Mirogi’s home in Kahawa West on Saturday to drop off the suit she picked up in Nakuru.
  • On the other hand, once there, she made up her mind to clean not only his house but also his clothes, which she found dirty.
  • It is said that Meroji left home to run some errands on the way to Thika. Upon his return, he discovers Elizabeth hanging from a bed sheet inside his wardrobe.
  • He maintains that he freed the corpse from its chains, put it in his car, and then drove it to the Jacaranda Maternity Home. However, the medical staff there refused to move Elizabeth’s body because she was already dead.
  • Mirogi then drove to several different police stations while the body was still in his car.
  • However, he was advised to report the incident to Kahawa West Waksrani Police Station instead.
  • In the end, he obtained permission to move the deceased’s body to a morgue located on the Kenyatta University campus on Saturday night.
  • On Sunday, the musician returned to the Kasarani police station to make a statement regarding Elizabeth’s death.
  • He was accompanied by DCI homicide detectives who had handled the investigation since he was transferred to them.

Elizabeth Githinga: Details of the death inquest

Preacher Elizabeth Githingi is found dead in the home of Kikuyu gospel musician Mirogi Deshun.

The death of the preacher is currently being investigated by Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) in Kenya.

According to the musician, the priest’s wife was washing clothes when he left her and when he returned she was already dead. The specific circumstances surrounding the priest’s death remain unknown at this time.

Despite this, the matter is still being investigated by the authorities, and the musician is currently considered a person of interest in the case.

Mirugi Dishon
Mirugi Dishon (Photo: source)

Many questions have been raised as a result of the fact that Mirugi Dishon is currently under investigation in connection with the death of the priest. This is especially true considering he admitted that they were lovers in the past.

As a result of this revelation, many people are now speculating that Elizabeth’s death may have been the result of some kind of foul play.

However, it is necessary to keep in mind that nothing has been established as fact at this time; Therefore, before drawing any conclusions, we must wait for the investigation to end.

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Kenyans are in shock and grief

The death of Elizabeth Githingi has left a state of shock and grief to many Kenyans, especially those who knew her in her role as a devoted pastor.

It is disheartening to learn that a person who dedicated their life to helping others has passed away under such mysterious circumstances.

Although the details of her death are still unclear, hearing this news is upsetting. We can only hope that the investigation will reveal the truth about what happened and provide peace of mind to her loved ones and family.

Mirugi Dishon: personal information

real name Paul Matting Ndiri
age under review
professional Musician or performer
nationality Kenny
Zodiac sign under review
date of birth under review
Name of the Father Mr. Dishon
Mother’s name Mrs. Deshon
religion Christian
to rise 5ft 6in
children under review
college Kenya University
school local high school
famous b Musician or performer
net value $2 million
wife Elizabeth Githinga
Weight 75 kg

Mirugi Dishon: Who is he?

The real name of this performer is Paul Matting Ndiri, But he goes by the stage name Mirugi Dishon.

He is a popular Kikuyu gospel musician who has a string of hits to his name and has released several albums.


According to him, his contemporaries called him “MirogiFollowing the infamous General Maing saga that took place a few years ago and involved a man who impersonated Mao Maing’s military commander wa Meruji.

Because he was a namesake, he was given the nickname “Mirogi”.

He achieved wide fame thanks to the success of his songs “Matiribu” and “Fairo cia Wanga”.

Childhood and religion

He grew up in a town Nyahururu, Bahati, Where is he born?

His parents were pastors at the KAG church in their hometown, where they both served as a costumed man and woman.

Mirogi’s upbringing was the complete opposite of what his parents envisioned for him, as he was a defiant rather than a fun kid even though he came from a very conservative person. Christian family.

Because of his rebellious nature, he attended school in a variety of places before eventually becoming involved with a clique of antisocial youth while still in high school. This was the beginning of a downward spiral into drug abuse.

A journey that took him for the better part of seven years before he finally cut his boots.

questions and answers

Q1. Who was Miroji Deshun’s wife?

The answer. The name of Meroji Deshon’s wife is Elizabeth Githinga.

Q2. How did Mirogi Deshun’s wife die?

The answer. Elizabeth Githinga, wife of Meroji Deshon, committed suicide.

Q3: When did Miroji Deshun’s wife die?

The answer. Merugi Deshon’s wife, Elizabeth Githinga, died on March 18, 2023.

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