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Which stats should you level up in Elden Ring? Attributes and stats, explained!

While properly leveling your stats is only one part of creating a layout in Elden Ring, getting points in the right places is essential to your survival and success – especially in the early parts of gameplay. Elden Ring has also made some major tweaks to how the stats work, changing where soft and hard characters are, stats doing what they do, and adding tons of equippable items that change them in positive ways. Today, we’re going to take a look at all the stats you can match in Elden Ring and talk about which one is the best for your device.

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The best stats to level up in the Elden Ring

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There are eight stats in the Elden Ring, and depending on what type of build you’re building, you’ll usually only need to focus on four of them.

  • power: Perhaps the most important component of the Elden Ring, Vigor’s primary purpose is to increase your maximum health, as well as increase resistance to flat damage. Since your damage stats (Strength, Dexterity, etc.) don’t start to greatly affect your damage output until you upgrade those weapons, leveling up Vigor early will keep you alive longer. Always try to reach at least 40-50 Vigor at level 70, and always aim for 60 at level 80 and above.
  • mind: The primary purpose of your sanity stat is to increase your focus points, as well as provide a small boost to your defenses flat. Since all Ashes of War require some FP to use, you’ll need around 10 Mind for most melee-focused builds. If you’re into magic or miracles, 20-25 Mind is a good starting point, and you should test how much you need based on the spells you cast.
  • to bear: Endurance serves three purposes. It is necessary to increase your overall stamina (used for most combat-focused actions such as running, dodging, and attacking) and increasing your gear load (how much gear you can equip and still be mobile). It also increases your strength, making it harder for status issues to affect you (but also making them take longer to go away once they’re active). If you’re building for an armor-clad knight, you’ll need at least 20 Stamina. For lighter designs, you can do with a lot less.
  • power: If you want to swing around the big guns, you need the strength. Its main purpose is to increase damage, allowing you to use strength-based weapons. You don’t need as much as you might think, because using a two-handed weapon applies an invisible 1.5x modifier to your strength, letting you use something with both hands that you can only use one. 40-50 strength should be your minimum with all buff activated.
  • ingenuity: Dexterity stats are nearly identical to Strength in use, only lacking the hidden 1.5x two-handed multiplier. If you want to be able to wield weapons of this size with Dex, you’ll need to invest in them: 40-50 should be your minimum with all your buffs activated.
  • Intelligence: Intelligence stats, such as Strength and Dex, focus almost exclusively on increasing damage output – especially with witches. It also governs what Glintstone Staff you can equip and what your Sorcery sizing is. There’s also the weird spell that requires intelligence and some combination of faith and mystery. You’ll usually need a minimum of 40 in Int to build a wheel, and up to 80 at higher levels.
  • Faith: If spell miracles are your bag, you’ll need to toss a lot of points into a creed. Basically governing the damage of spells, faith can be a supplemental stat as well, as most spells are relatively cheap, depending on requirements. If you want to focus on spells only, faith 40-60 should be your starting range.
  • mysterious: mysterious strange duck. It doesn’t directly affect the damage stats of anything you don’t use as a requirement, and it increases your vitality status, which increases your resistance to death status. However, its strongest quality is that it controls the amount of prestige buildup you apply to your enemies. Blood loss, cochineal rot, poison, etc.: The more mystery people you have, the more agonies they cause. As with other damage stats, 40-50 is ideal here.

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