Who Is Hoang Touliver (Toc Tien Husband)? Past Relationships, Family, Married Life And More!

Tóc Tiên is the stage name of Nguyn Khoa Tóc Tiên, who works in the entertainment industry as a singer, model, and actor.

Tiên started her career as a young girl and later rose to fame as a teen idol.

She rose to fame by competing in singing competitions and releasing two studio albums titled Nci Nng Mai and Tóc Tiên Thiu N.

Nguyen Khoa Tóc Tiên was born in Medina Ho Chi Minh In vietnam for parents Nguyen Trung Kien, Successful businessman, and Kim LuanBallet dancer and aerobics instructor. I grew up there.

Her mother was raised in a traditional home by a wealthy family that placed great emphasis on the importance of receiving a good education.

Tok Tien (photo: source)

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Who is Huang Tolliver (Tok Tien’s Husband)?

Huang Tolliver and Toc Tian have been in a committed romantic relationship for a number of years, and in 2021they tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony.

Tolliver is famous music producer and a composer in Vietnam, his contributions to the Vietnamese music industry have earned him this reputation.

Tien’s husband is responsible for producing and composing music for a large number of famous Vietnamese artists, such as Tóc Tiên, Sn Tùng M-TP and ông Nhi.

He is also a member of the Vietnamese Music Group Amplifiers , She is responsible for releasing a number of highly successful albums and singles.

Her husband is also involved in the fashion industry in Vietnam, having worked with a number of different brands and being featured in a number of different fashion magazines.

The singer appears to be enjoying a healthy and happy marriage, as evidenced by the fact that she often discusses her partnership with her husband.

Tien regularly takes pictures with her husband, and the two are frequently spotted together.

Tok Tian and Huang Tolliver: Marital Life

  • Tok Tian and Huang Tolliver, who got married in March 2020, are enjoying a happy married life, but there are very few opportunities for the couple to engage in romantic activities with each other as compared to the number of other couples.
  • As a result, fans always received extra attention whenever Tock Tien and his rival pair were mentioned.
  • The most impressive aspect of this couple is the fact that after marriage, they continue to work together in order to stay fit and improve their health.
  • Recently, Huang Tolliver unexpectedly “broadcasted” his wife on Instagram. People were so excited when they saw the Toc Tien couple taking a selfie in the elevator while they were wearing tracksuits and doing it.
  • Both people protected themselves by wearing surgical masks in order to stay healthy during the infectious phase of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • After four years of love, it is clear that Toc Tien and Hoang Touliver’s feelings for each other have not changed; They are very intense but not bitter, which is something many people find admirable.
Tuk Tian
Tok Tien (photo: source)

Tok Tien: Past Relationships

In December of 2007, it became known that Tok Tien was romantically involved with him Chung basketball player pee.

They stayed together for a very long time, but in 2013 they went their separate ways. After her previous relationship ended, she was rumored to be seeing Tolliver, a music producer and composer.

Both of them were in disagreement about the truth. They had a healthy friendship but were not romantically involved at the time.

In addition, she made it quite clear in 2017 that she is completely single and just focusing on her career. Except for her relationship with her husband, she does not discuss her other relationships publicly.

Toc Tien: Childhood and Early Career

  • Nguyn Khoa Tóc Tiên was raised in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam by his parents, Nguyn Trung Kiên, a businessman, and Kim Loan, a former ballet dancer and aerobics instructor.
  • Nguyen Khoa Toc Tien was born there. Her wealthy family has always placed a heavy emphasis on education and has taken a very authoritarian approach towards parenting, especially her mother.
  • Tien defended her mother’s strict upbringing, saying that it protected her from the dangers of being involved in the entertainment industry at a young age.
  • The singer has two younger brothers, and in 2015, one of them was honored with the President’s Education Award.

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early in his career

When it was only Tiên four years, Her family discovered that she had a talent for singing and gave her blessing to become a member of the performance group at the Children’s Home in Ho Chi Minh City.

She started getting singing and modeling jobs and appeared in several music videos while her mother managed her career.

To participate in her first singing competition, I™ Ngôi sao Close-Up, when she was only 13 years old, she pretended to be 18 in order to meet the admission requirements.

Tiên debuted as an adult singer in 2002, when she supported musician Th Hin on his I ch trong cn ma nationwide concert tour. This run coincided with her placement as one of the twelve finalists on the show.

Tuk Tian
Tok Tien (photo: source)

Toc Tien: personal information

full name Tuk Tian
works singer
age 33
date of birth May 13, 1989
place of birth Vietnam
asterisk the Bull
nation Vietnam
sex feminine

Tok Tien: Who is she?

Toc Tien is a well-known name in the world of world music. her birthday is May 13, 1989, Vietnam was the country where I was born.

Also known for his work as a singer-songwriter, Tok served as a judge on both the Vietnamese version of The Voice in 2013 and the Vietnam version of Vietnam Idol in 2015. On Instagram, she has a following More than 550,000 people.

The origin of toc can be traced back to Vietnam. She wrote the song “Something ‘Bout You” specifically for musician Jo Kwon.

Tok Tien: Successful comeback

in 2015Toc Tien returned to the Vietnamese music scene. She participated in the popular TV show “The Remix”, a music competition, alongside rising young pop stars such as Isaac and Sn Tùng M-TP.

During this time period, she began collaborating with record producer Tolliver, who was responsible for reworking her single “Ngày mai”. She catapulted to popularity after she performed live in a remix show of this song.

As a result of this remix including two dance breaks featuring gong prominently, the song eventually became known to a large portion of the general public as “gong dance(V iu Cng Chiêng), not by its original name.

Tuk Tian
Tok Tien (photo: source)

The success of the performance sparked a trend among Vietnamese youths to record their own versions of the dance and upload them to YouTube.

After some time, it was rumored in the Vietnamese press that a Khmer singer had imitated the dance during a live TV performance in Vietnam.

After its initial release in May, V iu Cng Chiêng’s music video quickly became extremely popular across Vietnam, with over 11 million views as of the beginning of the year 2016.

The video was included in a report broadcast on Thai TV about the recent explosive growth of the pop music scene in Vietnam.

Toc Tien announced in January 2016 that he will be releasing a mini-album titled T that includes four new tracks.

It also distributed a music video for the lead single “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, which depicts a story involving treachery and murder and is set against a backdrop inspired by Japanese culture.

Notable guest stars in the music video include Mami Adjei, who placed second during the previous season of America’s Next Top Model, and Nile DiMarco, who was crowned winner of the show’s tenth and final season.

In addition, the previously released promotional single “The Beat of Celebration” will also be included on the mini album (featuring Justatee and Big Daddy).

questions and answers

Who is Tok Tien?

Toc Tien is a well-known name in the world of world music. I’m her birthdayMay 13, 1989 and Vietnam was the country where I was born.

When did Tok Tian and Huang Tolliver get married?

Toc Tien and Hoang Touliver got married in March 2020.

When did Tok Tien start singing?

When it was only Tiên four years, Her family discovered that she had a talent for singing and gave her blessing to become a member of the performance group at the Children’s Home in Ho Chi Minh City.

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