How to Complete Out of the Inn in TotK!

Tears of the Kingdom allows players to return to Kakariko Village, but they will need to be completed outside the pub Side quest before using the Inn. Exploring the vast map of Hyrule is not easy for Link. After jumping in lakes, climbing mountains, and chasing or running away from enemies, the least you can do is make sure he gets some rest in an inn, village, or stable. Because of this, when it is revealed that Kakariko’s tavern is closed because the owner has gone missing, players must bring him back behind that counter.

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How to start from the lodge in Kakariko village

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Kakariko village located on The boundary between the South Lanayru Wetlands and the northwest Necluda In the tears of the kingdom. The second building on the right is the Inn. To start the “Out of the Inn” quest, head over and talk to the guy behind the counter, Dai.

How to find the innkeeper outside the pub

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Dai, unfortunately, is not the owner of the Kingdom Inn. It’s just a random traveler doing a favor to the owner. Unfortunately, the description of the mission to find the lost inn keeper is quite vague, requiring players to investigate several campsites without providing any.

to Find the hostel ownerget out of the lodge hut and Look for wooden platforms on the slope to the right. Climb up the cliff until you reach it Episode ruins. From there, parachute down to the campsite in front of the ruins to find a man taking care of a sleeping inn owner.

How to find hearty truffles in kingdom tears

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The innkeeper won’t wake up unless I was given a hearty truffle. Fortunately, the man nearby will bring up something about the hearty truffle he found in a cave around the waterfall of Kakariko village.

Head to the waterfall behind the giant green tree (not behind the hut) and climb up. Then stoop to enter and explore the cave to find the Hearty Truffle.

The next steps are to drop a Hearty Truffle on the body of the sleeping Inn owner and talk to Dai at the Inn. Hell It rewards you with a proven elixir For all your efforts, which is good for climbing wet surfaces.

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