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Is There A Fish Gun In Destiny 2 Season Of The Deep?!

Destiny 2 entered its 21st season with the aquatic-themed Season of the Deep. Keeping up with the recent trend, this season adds more game-changing mechanics – this time focusing on underwater exploration.

It also means that a lot of naval equipment is up for grabs between now and August 22nd. However, there are strange rumors fish gun He has guardians scratching their heads, as they couldn’t locate the suspicious weapon or any assignments that hint at its whereabouts.

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Is Destiny 2’s Fish Gun real?

The short answer is No, Destiny 2 Season of the Deep doesn’t have a fish gun. “Leak” from a Reddit user Muhammad Ali.4882 View the supposed weapon detail page for a fish-shaped pistol called the Fisherman’s Volley.

While the rumors were convincing, Internet investigators searched for the source of the Fish Gun model: a 3D artist named Dinesh Servi. And to cement the post as a farce, the 3D model is first uploaded in 2022. To the dismay of gamers, Season of the Deep offers no megaphones.

However, this does not preclude fish from being completely excluded from the deep-water season. In fact, the latest update added hunting to Destiny 2 with a mission dedicated to the new activity. To add depth to the amusement, players can take turns catching 28 different types of fish.

The lack of an actual fish gun is a little annoying, especially seeing how immaculate it can be. For example, hand cannons are some of the most entertaining weapons to use in Destiny 2, and large-mouthed projectile volleys with high velocities would have been worth any daunting task Bungie threw at players to unlock.

However, perhaps the fan hype surrounding the possibility of a fishy weapon will motivate developers to introduce one in the future.

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