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All Roles to Play in Goose Goose Duck!

Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction game very similar to Among Us but with an emphasis on role-playing. These roles will change how everyone plays every game and can announce a surprising winner at the most unexpected of times. Knowing these roles is essential to being as successful as possible in every match. That’s why we’ve compiled this list for every Goose Goose Duck person can handle, so no one gets caught by a sudden one.

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Each role of a goose and a duck in a goose-goose-duck

Below, we’ve outlined every role players can take in Goose Goose Duck. This is split between primary and special roles, each of which requires players to perform different tasks. If players are unsure of what to do in a particular role, they should read the list to find and learn who they don’t know.

Primary roles in goose goose duck

Image via Gaggle Studios Inc.

Classic Goose Goose Duck games only have two roles. These are as follows.

  • ducks – These players are basically the impersonators among us. They need to secretly kill all the geese to win the game while vandalizing parts of the map.
  • goose – These players are basically the crew members of Among Us. They will need to work together to vote out the ducks or complete all their tasks to win the game.

Special roles in goose goose duck

Detective goose in duck goose
Image via Gaggle Studios Inc.

In lobbies where roles have been expanded, the list of available roles is extensive. Each turn has something of its own and some have unique winning conditions. All this information is explained in the following list.

  • Goose adventurer – This player cannot die from environmental damage.
  • Duck killer – Guessing the role correctly enables that player to kill that character in the meeting. However, they will die if they are wrong.
  • stellar goose – This character can separate his soul and roam through walls to observe other players.
  • Goose avenger – This goose can kill another player temporarily if you see them kill someone.
  • Bird watching goose – This character has limited regular vision but can see through walls.
  • Goose bodyguard – In this role, the player is tasked with protecting another person. Standing between the target and the killer will cause that character to die, but they will receive a reward for their efforts.
  • Canadian goose – Anyone who kills this character will automatically report themselves as the killer.
  • Cannibal duck – This character can hide a corpse once per match by eating it.
  • Celebrity goose – Other players are alerted when this character is killed.
  • demolition duck – This character plants bombs on others.
  • Detective Goose – In this turn, the player can investigate another player once to check if they killed someone.
  • Dudu – If this player wins, he is out of the game, so he should try to be fishy.
  • Dodo duel – This character wins if the other dodo is killed. If that dodo is still alive, there are certain tasks to complete that will kill them.
  • Eng. Goose – For this character, the mini-map temporarily shows where sabotages are called. If they see it at the right time, they can vent their vandalism.
  • Goose esper– This character can kill players from a distance and talk to them at a distance.
  • Falcon – This character automatically skips every sound. They win by being the last person alive and can only lose if the ducks sabotage or the geese complete each task.
  • goose gravy – Complete missions as this character raises her bounty. They must survive to avoid any other players from taking their money.
  • Duck killer – Killing other ducks gives a boost to this character.
  • The identity thief is a duck – This character can transform into the character they kill for the meeting to happen.
  • invisibility duck – This character can become invisible temporarily.
  • Goose locksmith – Like this character, the player can open the prison door at any time.
  • Goose/duck lover – If this character and their lover are alive at the end of the match, they win.
  • Mechanic goose – When playing with this character, players can use the air vents.
  • Medium goose – This character can see how many ghosts are active at any given time.
  • Goose imitation – The other ducks see this character as a different duck.
  • Morphling duck – This duck has the ability to appear like other ducks in the game.
  • Motor goose – Like this character, the player can investigate a corpse to find out its role.
  • ninja duck – This character can kill two other characters at once if they are within close range.
  • duck party – With this role, players can choose to give another character an incredibly high-pitched voice.
  • swans – The player must be the last surviving duck to win this turn. Pelicans can swallow other players but they don’t die until the next meeting begins.
  • pigeon – This character needs to transmit the disease to every other character before the next meeting to win.
  • Goose politician – Players win Voting Relationships and cannot enter Jail with this role.
  • Professional duck – This character can’t report dead bodies, and Geese can’t see killing them. If the geese get too close, the kill will be reported automatically.
  • Killer duck series – This character must kill its target to reduce its cooldown. Killing others will increase it.
  • Sharif Jose – Killing a goose causes this character to die.
  • Silencer duck – As this character, players can silence another player in meetings.
  • duck snitch – If this character votes for another player and they don’t get more votes, that character goes to jail.
  • Snoop Goose – With this turn, characters can hide in vents.
  • spy duck – Being the only character to vote for a player in a meeting reveals their turn.
  • Urchin Goose Street – Playing in this role allows the character to open the locks from the inside.
  • Goose Technician – This character can see the rough area where sabotages have been summoned.
  • Goose Tracker – Like this character, players can see who is outside during sandstorms.
  • Undertaker duck – This character is able to slowly pull out pimples and hide them.
  • The sentinel goose – When playing with this character, players can kill another player without any consequences.
  • eagle – The only objective while playing with this character is to eat the carcass of a killed goose.
  • magician duck – This character summons a deadly swarm of locusts to wreak havoc.

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