What Kesha Really Thought About Her Viral Jerry Seinfeld Snubbed Hug

The internet was buzzing following a viral moment where singer Kesha attempted to hug Jerry Seinfeld before he quickly rebuked her. As video of the awkward exchange circulated, fans of both celebrities were left wondering what the singer really thought of the incident. Read on to find out the true feelings of Kesha chocking up that extremely awkward moment.

1.The Unsolicited Hug: A Moment to Remember

In many cultures hugging is a sign of affection, although the timing is important when it comes to the welcome embrace of a handshake or spoonful of love. The unsolicited hug is a unique situation where all the rules go out the window and your emotions take the wheel.

  • The Surprise Factor: The best surprise is the one you can’t anticipate, and the unsolicited hug definitely has that factor working for it. Whether you’re in a good or bad mood, the sudden emotion of a hug can be a shock to the system, but a pleasant one at that.
  • It Resonates: Unsolicited hugs can sometimes be more powerful than the ones given on request. Receiving this unexpected kind gesture can resonate with a person by deepening an already existing bond or providing comfort in a time of need.
  • A Refreshing Response: Unsolicited hugs can often provide an alternative to the tired traditional approach, as the sentiment is unexpected yet gives an uplifting feeling. There’s something special about a hug that isn’t requested that stands out.

It seems all the boundaries dissolve when it comes to an unsolicited hug. Its power may be underestimated, yet its significance will never be forgotten—an embracing memory to instill in all of us.

2.Kesha’s Perspective on Being Rejected by Jerry Seinfeld

Kesha could feel the sting of disappointment after being rejected by Jerry Seinfeld. She had really wanted to show him her comedic chops and had spent hours of effort preparing for the meeting. But after an immersive, yet unanswered, interview session, Kesha realized that her dream was not to be.

Kesha watched in silence as Seinfeld hurriedly left the room. It was as if his brief presence had temporarily suspended time for the rest of the world. Kesha felt crushed. Through a haze of emotions, she tried to put into perspective the experience she had. Her thoughts stayed with her –

  • She was upset with the outcome.
  • She was disappointed in herself for not being able to impress him.
  • She was embarrassed to face her peers who were also looking to be a part of the show.

While these emotions overwhelmed her in the moment, she pushed away the thoughts of self-defeat and reminded herself that rejection happens to everyone. She decided that the rejection would not deflect from her larger goal of making it in the entertainment industry, no matter how disillusioned she felt.

3.The Real Impact of the Viral Snub

While the woman in the viral video got away with publicly snubbing the elderly woman and her husband, her actions had far reaching consequences. The real impact of her behaviour can be seen in multiple respects:

  • The video quickly spread across the internet, leading to intense criticism for the woman.
  • It initiated a public discussion about the appropriate etiquette for people out in public.
  • The incident also highlight the prevalence of ageism in the current society.

Overall, the impact of the viral snub is greater than we realize. It serves as a reminder of the importance of respect for all – regardless of age, gender or class. By unlearning ageist behaviour and promoting mutual respect, we can restore civility in our lives and public interactions.

4.What Kesha Learned From Being Publicly Embarrassed

Kesha had a difficult time throughout her adolescence when she found out her peers had been rumoring about her behind her back. Many felt she was just another statistic — a teenage girl who was not able to take her destiny into her own hands. Yet instead of wallowing in her situation, Kesha took on the challenge with strength and grace.

Kesha’s experience was a showcase of the power of resilience. Even an incredibly embarrassing moment can make you stronger if you are able to take away an essential lesson from it. Kesha realised that regardless of what people might say, all you need to worry about is your own opinion of yourself. Despite people’s judgments, Kesha chose to continue speaking her truth. She was also adamant to keep her head held high and focus on the people who truly supported her.

What Kesha learnt from being publicly embarrassed was to never let someone else’s opinion of her define her. She also learned that it was important to always be true to herself and love herself for who she was. Moreover, she learnt to recognize the impact of her actions on her own life, which gave her the willpower and strength to continue striving for success.


Q: What happened when Kesha met Jerry Seinfeld?
A: On June 6th, Kesha was onstage at a red carpet event when she asked Jerry Seinfeld for a hug. Seinfeld appeared to reject her request but walked back over and gave her a hug after some initial awkwardness.

Q: How did people react to the viral hug exchange?
A: People’s reactions on social media ranged from supportive of Kesha to critical of Jerry Seinfeld. Many debated the dynamics of the exchange, but ultimately it sparked conversation around how we interact with each other in moments of misunderstanding.

Q: What was Kesha’s reaction to all the attention her hug exchange sparked?
A: Kesha expressed appreciation for the positive response she received from fans and said that she enjoyed sharing a moment with Jerry Seinfeld, regardless of the outcome. She also expressed that while she was surprised by Seinfeld’s initial reaction, she was inspired by the amount of people who were willing to talk about the exchange and reach out with kind words.

Kesha’s heartfelt plea for a hug was a reminder of how far she’s already come in her career, and of the importance of not giving up on one’s dreams. Whatever the outcome, the fans will be here to support her — and that’s something we can all take away from the Jerry Seinfeld incident.

Kesha may not have gotten her hug from Seinfeld, but her story certainly got us all talking. Let’s never forget the power of perseverance –– and the positive power of giving an unexpected hug.

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