Is Kelly Clarkson Actually To Thank For Taylor Swift’s Re-Recorded Albums?

The past decade has seen two incredibly talented and beloved pop icons: Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift. While these two have always had success in the music industry, Swifts’ recent decision to re-record her previous albums has left us wondering if this might be thanks in part to Clarkson’s influence. Is it truly possible that Clarkson’s 2019 re-recordings of her earlier albums inspired Swift to follow suit? Read on to find out the answer and explore the potential connection between these two artists.

Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift might seem like two artists on opposite sides of the musical spectrum, but surprisingly, there is a strong link between the two of them.

  • Collaboration – The two singers have actually worked together on music. Kelly Clarkson featured on the song “Mean” from Taylor Swift’s Grammy award-winning album “Speak Now”.
  • Influence – Kelly Clarkson has even admitted that Taylor Swift’s music and career was a source of inspiration for her. While meeting each other at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, Kelly said, “A lot of my songs are inspired by Taylor Swift”.

In addition to their collaborations and mutual admiration, these two artists have another connection that their fans won’t have expected. By releasing her own version of “Shake it Off”, Kelly Clarkson has covered Taylor Swift’s hit single. With her own signature spin on the song, she has managed to make it totally her own. Interestingly, her cover of the song is more popular than Taylor’s, receiving higher ratings, more streams, and even a greater number of views on YouTube.

No matter how different their styles might be, it just goes to show that these two artists have more in common than their fans might have realized!

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3. Exploring the Impact of Kelly Clarkson on Taylor Swift’s Music

The impact that Kelly Clarkson had on Taylor Swift’s music is unmistakeable. From the early days of Swift’s fame, Clarkson has encouraged, and taught, Swift to be true to herself and to never lose her sense of authenticity in her songwriting. The simplicity and honesty that characterize Swift’s musical style owe much to Clarkson, and she continues to be a vocal supporter of Swift.

Clarkson recognized Swift’s talent from the start, and has been integral in helping her grow. Clarkson used her giant influence both to promote Taylor’s albums and to offer her invaluable advice along the way. Swift has expressed her gratitude for Clarkson’s support, saying that she was the “voice of reason” for her. Indeed, Clarkson’s mentorship has helped Taylor reach superstardom, inspiring her to write emotionally raw and honest lyrics.

  • Kelly Clarkson helped Taylor Swift achieve superstardom
  • Clarkson encouraged her to be authentic
  • Clarkson offered advice and support

4. Could Kelly Clarkson Be Responsible for Taylor Swift’s Re-Recordings?

The recent news of Taylor Swift re-recording her past albums stirred up a huge amount of hype and hype, with fans from all over the world eager to see Swift’s hard work and dedication come to light. But could the 2012 American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson have any say in Swift’s decision?

If you look back at Swift’s stratospheric career, then all signs point to the “Since U Been Gone” singer having a part in influencing Taylor to take matters into her own hands. In 2019 Clarkson opened up about Scott Borchetta, the former head of Swift’s old record label Big Machine Records, and his shady business practices. Clarkson revealed that it’s been tough to negotiate with Borchetta since he left her former record label RCA in a corrupt fashion.

It is safe to say that the unwarranted obstacles that Kelly Clarkson faced in the industry that made her shoot to fame as the first American Idol has definitely inspired Swift to be in charge of her own music. The fact that Clarkson was able to pull off a similar feat after her struggles is definitely encouraging for Swift, who is now standing up for herself and her work.


Q: What inspired Taylor Swift to re-record her old albums?
A: Recently, Taylor has announced her plan to re-record her recordings from her first six studio albums. It’s thought that Kelly Clarkson’s high-profile struggle with her record label inspired Taylor to begin pursuing legal action to re-record her old albums.

Q: How is Taylor Swift’s re-recordings benefitting her?
A: By re-recording her old albums, Taylor is able to regain control over her body of work and effectively regain the master rights that were initially owned by her former record company. This allows her more control over how her albums are used and she’ll be able to pocket all the royalties she earns from them.

Q: What does this mean for fans of Taylor Swift?
A: Fans of Taylor Swift’s music are in for a treat. Taylor has promised to recreate each of her old albums as closely as possible, featuring her updated vocal skills and modern production. Fans can expect to get the same music as the originals but with a fresh edge.

Thanks for joining us to talk about the link between Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift – two of the music industry’s greatest musical talents. No matter what the truth is, one thing’s for sure – both artists have enjoyed massive success, and their legacy in music will continue to be remembered for many years to come.

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