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A Painter, Shipwrecks, and Craberrations!

Team 17 and Black Salt Games have launched Dredge Update 3. This update brings a few features to the title that fans have been requesting since it was first released, including even more twisted crabs to collect from the bottom of the title’s various seas.

Dredge’s updates are notoriously vague, leaving players to figure out most of the changes for themselves. That’s why we’ve broken down the patch notes below, so players can easily see exactly what’s new and how to find each piece of Dredge Update 3.

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Dredge Update 3 Patch Notes Explained

The official patch notes for Dredge Update 3 leave a lot to be desired, but it’s easy to ascertain what the main changes are from the update’s trailer. Below, we’ve outlined all of the new features and activities for players in this update, including ones they may not have noticed.

Boat Customization

Screenshot via Team 17’s YouTube channel

A new NPC has been added to Greater Marrow, The Painter. This colorful character will help players customize their ships with paint, bunting, and flags. However, he doesn’t appear to do this for free. An option in the dialogue with The Painter shown in the trailer reveals that players must deliver flags to him. We suspect some customization options will be hidden behind these flags.

New Shipwrecks

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players can pick up new flags in Dredge by scouring new shipwrecks in the waters of the game’s world. These shipwrecks will glow orange, indicating they’re unique items instead of crafting materials. As we mentioned above, picking these up and delivering them to The Painter looks like it’ll unlock new customization options.

13 New Craberrations

Screenshot via Team 17’s YouTube channel

The final part of Dredge Update 3 is a host of new aberrant crabs to collect. These are the strange, altered versions of crabs that players will occasionally find while using crab pots. Getting all of these probably won’t require players to go out of their way. They’ll likely be available from the same places as all the standard crabs in the game.

The only other thing we’ve noticed from the Dredge Update 3 trailer is a potential new deadly aberration that will attack players when their sanity falls too low. It’s a huge fish with a lure on its head and will ram players to attack them.

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