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How to Complete Into the Unknown!

Into the Unknown is one of the most interesting early game main story quests in Starfield. It sees players travel to unknown worlds, meet new friends, and pull the curtain back ever so slightly on the mysteries of the universe.

However, the quest isn’t simple and has a few points where players can choose to go down a different path. Understanding the outcome of every choice and knowing how to reach the end will help every player make the most of their time with the game.

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How to Start Into the Unknown in Starfield

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Players must follow the Constellation missions they’re given in The Lodge to start Into the Unknown in Starfield. The one that comes before Into the Unknown is The Old Neighborhood. This can be done in a couple of hours if players prioritize Constellation missions. It took us more than a day of real-time to get to it because we were chasing so many side quests.

How to Complete Into the Unknown in Starfield

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Into the Unknown begins with players heading to The Eye. There, they need to meet Vladimir Sall, a member of Constellation who looks out into deep space to find signal indicators for more artifacts. After a brief chat, he sends players off to find Andreja, another Constellation rookie who is making a name for herself.

Vladimir gives players two locations to search for artifacts and Andreja, but it’s not clear where the Constellation member is. She could be at either.

Where is Andreja in Starfield

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Players will find Andreja during the first stages of the Into the Unknown quest in Starfield. Vladimir gives players two planets to search, and Andreja is on the one with the abandoned mine location. While the planet names and biomes change from player to player, Andreja will always be found inside the mine.

When players find Andreja, she’ll be in a spot of bother. The mine she’s in is filled with Crimson Fleet pirates, and players need to make their way to the center of it to grab an artifact for Vladimir on The Eye. When we did this quest, we were already members of the Crimson Fleet, so the pirates didn’t attack us.

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At the mine’s entrance, players can activate a terminal to turn on a robot that will fight the Crimson Fleet pirates for them. We advise everyone to watch out for Andreja because she’s not very friendly to these pirates at all. As long as players don’t shoot anyone, the pirates will leave them alone.

Once players locate the artifact inside the mine, they can travel with Andreja to the second planet Vladimir indicated and grab that one before returning to The Lodge in New Atlantis. They’ll add the two new artifacts to the collection, and then Matteo will speak to the player.

Should You Tell Matteo (Dreams) or Noel (Science) in Into the Unknown in Starfield

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When players speak to Matteo, he’ll tell them that he’s jealous he didn’t find the artifacts. Then, he and Noel have a short discussion about looking up at the stars and whether science or dreams are more important.

If players side with Matteo and choose dreams, nothing happens. However, if players side with Noel and choose science, they’ll gain some approval from Andreja. This is paramount for those looking to romance Andreja since it gives them an early start on getting her to like them.

After this choice, players will need to visit Vladimir in The Eye once more. He explains how he’s found a more powerful signal and sends players to investigate. He adds that the location he’s sending them isn’t exact, so players will need to follow signal distortions in their scanner to find whatever is there.

How to Follow Distortions on Your Scanner in Starfield

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To follow distortions on the scanner in Starfield, players need to open up their scanner and look around. The edges of the scanner UI will start to flicker when players are looking in the right direction for signal distortion.

When we were doing this, we had to keep turning to ensure we were following the signal distortion. Eventually, the distortion was constantly shifting the scanner UI until we were close enough for the location icon for Temple Eta to pop up in the distance. This is where players need to go.

Players must approach Temple Eta and head to the right-hand side of the massive structure. That’s where the door is, and once inside, they’ll be presented with a puzzle.

How to Solve Temple Eta in Starfield

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Inside Temple Eta is a large set of spinning discs. When players interact with them, it’ll create an anti-gravity field that sees them and their companions float into the air. Now, players need to solve the temple’s puzzle.

To solve the Temple Eta puzzle, players need to control their character and have them float into the glowing particles that appear all over the room with the discs. When players have floated through enough of them, the discs will stop, and players will be able to approach them.

Flying through the discs gives players their first power in Starfield. This power creates an anti-gravity field, which can be used on enemies and objects. The final part of this quest is to show the power to the rest of Constellation in The Lodge.

After that, the quest will end, and players can choose whether to keep Andreja as a companion or not. If players want to romance her, we suggest keeping her on. This quest triggers more of the main story in Starfield but also a few new side quests, so players should explore and speak to Constellation members to unlock them.

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